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And another brain cells screams horribly and melts away

Yes, I'm watching a reality show, cuz there's nothing new on, I'm paying bills, and decided to see Lou Diamond Phillips on NBC's "I'm a Celebrity.. Get Me Out of Here!" I only hope he wins as he seems to be the most level-headed of the crew. I must admit, if I were there, Heidi and Spencer would be shoved into a lake filled with hungry reptiles. Argh. I'm blind! Good lord, did Stephen Baldwin fall asleep and get attacked by graffiti artists? Anyway, alas, they can't do away with celebrities, although I sure as heck can't see this show doing any good for the aforementioned idiots (Heidi and Spencer). Hm, perhaps having done several campy/crappy flicks for SciFi Channel has steeled LDP or this nonsense. Plus he looks like he's the only one in pretty decent shape.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on my Stargate Atlantis Fan Fic Recommendations page, cuz I was woefully behind, by, er, oh, all of 2009. Plus i printed out some and said "gotta read!" And I've discovered a bunch of bookmarks on two different PCs, plus links/self-contained stories off the SGAHC Yahoo group - and if you're a whumper, you had definitely better be on that list!  But that will take forever but I want to at least get it in better shape before sending it off. And then figure out how to send it since it's now a 30+ page WORD document.

Lastly, you must visit this site - http://opentravel.com/blogs/ten-most-unreal-landscapes-on-earth/ - which has very cool photos. I love the 'gate to hell' - I mean, looking at these photos makes me think about writing SGA whump fanfic!
Tags: fanfic, photos, stargate atlantis, stargate universe
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