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Joe Flanigan AXN Stargate Atlantis chat: transcript up

Finally! :) Joe Flanigan's sorta long-awaited chat, thwarted by internet gremlins, is now online. Go here for full transcript: http://www.axn.hu/stargatechat

Some tidbits...

I was wondering if you had any personal backstory for Sheppard that never made it on screen but that you had in mind when playing the character, things that may have happened to him or that he may have done.
Thank you very much for participating in this chat!
A: Sheppards family, and for that matter his personal life, went largely unexplored. There is a lot of interesting stuff there. I was hoping more earth based episodes could bring them to light.

If you are the one with the questions, what would you like to ask the "Stargate: Atlantis" fans?

A: Would you like to see more Atlantis? As a movie or a series, or both? What characters worked and didn’t work? Would you like to see Chris Judge, David Hewlet and myself do another series, even if it’s unrelated to Atlantis?  I'm still holding out hope for the Stargate Atlantis movie :-). But in the meantime, what type of projects are you interested in getting involved in? Another series possibly, or a movie, or a play?

I have been really fortunate in my career and hope that I continue to be. I have been offered a number fo things since I quit Atlantis. Many of them require relocations that would prove too difficult on my family. Some are simply not as interesting as my role as John Sheppard. I am looking for a show that will really invest in their lead characters. I’ll be shooting a movie in July.

Since English wasn't the first language for many people, some of it sounds weird, and I'm sitting there wondering if Joe typed his own responses (counting up the misspellings) ;)

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