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Some Stargate Altantis fan fiction recommendations (gen)

Getting my list of Stargate Atlantis fan fiction stories I enjoy (mostly Sheppard whump, what can I say?) as listed in entry (http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/345802.html) Okay, since I can’t post it here due to size (it’s a Word document, 31 pages landscape in table format), drop me an email at wraithfodder at gmail.com and I think I’ll be shipping it to anyone interested this weekend. Oh, it’s about 1,100kb in size too if that makes a difference.


Anyway, some recs as I did pause to do some reading…. All are gen.

Ask Me No Questions by T’Pring


Atlantis is on Earth, but that doesn’t stop Sheppard from getting into trouble when he has to work with his ex-wife. Whump ensues. I like how T’Pring delves into the relationship and what went wrong with it.


The Light of Compassion by Vain-Glorious


A year after the events of 5X01 "Search and Rescue", tragedy strikes Atlantis. First, this is a dark fiction. There is death, and there’s no miraculous save for those who perish. I don’t mind deathfic if it’s done well, and there’s plenty of Sheppard angst until practically the last page.


Wit’s End by Greyius


The team is being pursued by bad guys, and one of their team is not well. It’s not Sheppard whump (gasp, you say) but McKay whump, and it’s done in an interesting manner from Rodney’s point of view.


Perchance to Dream by Everybetty


Sheppard’s ATA dream brought him to Atlantis, and now it may be the death of him.  What I enjoyed about this fiction, besides the increasing whump, was the team aspect of it. Everybody pulling together as John quickly deteriorates.


Desperation by Kristen999


Wow, not sure how I missed this as it was penned in ’07, but Sheppard’s bleeding out and Rodney is all that stands between rescue and certain death when one of their own is the enemy. I love stories where Rodney does find the extra gumption to do what’s necessary (and not drop clips of bullets like he did in the Siege) ;)


Darkest Before Dawn by Wildcat88


A tragic off-world mission rocks Atlantis and shatters Sheppard. Struggling to pull the pieces together and move forward, he discovers he has one chance to set everything right. Yes, there’s death, but remember, Sheppard has a chance to set things right, so you can read ahead through. Not so much physical whump as angst-angst-angst J


The Black Lake by Tipper


Things go belly up (because they always go belly up) on a rescue mission to save an SGA team stuck deep underground and running out of air. Team fic, with Keller along for the ride. Bugs, freezing water and more. I only wish the writers could have made Keller this good on the show. Why do fanfic writers do a better job? And yes, we’ve got some lovely whump.


And that’s about it, cuz it’s time to get some sleep. Anyway, I enjoyed all these stories, so hope you do as well. Man, gotta get back to writing myself.



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