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I turned on the TV, flicked channels and went, 'whoa, A-Team!" Then I checked Cable's listing and I guess I've sorta died and gone to heaven, well, if I could stay home and watch all this. THIS is WSAH's schedule, every day, Monday-Friday

10am - Ironside
11am - Marcus Welby MD
12pm - The Bold Ones
1pm - Emergency!
2pm - Kojack
3pm - Magnum PI
4pm - Rockford Files
5pm - Adam-12
5:30pm - Dragnet
6pm - Incredible Hulk
7pm - A-team
8pm - Knight RIder
9pm - Airwolf
10pm - Emergency!
11pm - It Takes a Thief

Weekend has Alias Smith & Jones, It Takes a Thief, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Black Sheep Squadron, The Virginian, Laredo, Wagon Train, Night Gallery and more. All TV Guide.com says is paid programming, but TitanTV lists the shows, however, not the specific episodes... darn...

ooh, ah, it's part of RTV - Retro TV Network!! Ah, just started airing here and here's the listing of what they show (and used to show) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_programs_broadcast_by_Retro_Television_Network
9pm - okay, first problem. Not Airwolf but ROckford Files. Hmm, maybe I'll just tape a whole day to see what airs when... back to Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.
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