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Joe Flanigan - Warehouse 13 (and my mini review)

First, a screencap of Joe Flanigan from the SyFy trailer ("Bigger mysteries") for WAREHOUSE 13.

You can drool for a moment. If you cannot view the trailer, this is it. THere was no dialogue, just a very quick 1-2 second shot of Joe and well, you can stare at this just as easily. The rest is under the cut....

Oh, and more caps at http://nakedwesley.livejournal.com/146100.html

Well, it's light entertainment. It's a mixture of Raiders of the Lost Ark (as in the huge warehouse), X-Files (paranormal stuff), Friday the 13th the Series (older guy, young guy, young woman, taking potentially bad things out of hands of public and sequesting them), and The Librarian (light-hearted retrieval stuff). Anyway, the show is nothing really new under the sun, and the only true draw for me was Saul Rubinek , whom I've watched in movies and stuff for decades.

I think this New York Post reivew (http://www.nypost.com/seven/07072009/tv/shlock_absorber_177944.htm) sums up one flaw in the writing...

One day, two other secret agents who are (you're kidding!) polar opposites -- Pete Latimer (Eddie McClintock) and Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) -- find themselves assigned by a boss they've never met (CCH Pounder), who only speaks in ironies, to work at this mad outpost in the barren hills.

They are chosen because Pete is very supernaturally sensitive and Myka's got "a scrupulous eye for detail." This, mind you, after she missed a guy with a knife, bleeding eyes and a glowing head sculpture while the president of the United States was walking into a museum. Call me a cynic, but I think even as a non-working secret agent, I would have noticed a glowing skull and a man with a bleeding eyes holding a knife.

so, yeah, even I noticed that, but I couldn't help but copy the sarcasm from the newspaper. I mean, the guy/villain was sweating bullets and i today's contagion-phobic society, surely someone would have gone "eek, swine flu!" The best part of the pilot was Artie (Saul Rubinek) and his warehouse of stuff, and there seem to be lots of fans of the 'steampunk' stuff (I just call it 'old-fashioned'). the two leads are, um, er, they're okay. Characters are nothing out of the ordinary (although I enjoyed that she kept the ferret she conjured up). The show has potential as a light-hearted X-Files but... it's not 'must see' TV. If I miss an episode ,no big deal (unless it's the one with Joe Flanigan!!)

However, since this show will end its run before the Fall season, there's no real competition that I can think of, so I'll probably tune in, or at least record for later viewing.

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