wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

The joy of old TV shows

Besides the memories and the fact they're still enjoyable (watching Kung Fu: The Legend Continues - going through all 4 seasons).

Things that were fun:
  • No one had cellphones; therefore, kidnapped folk could not be so easily rescued.
  • Botox didn't seem to exist. People looked REAL.
  • Blinding white perfect teeth were rare. Now everybody looks like a Barbie doll.
  • Commercials for NOWHERE MAN with Bruce Greenwood (aka Captain Pike from new Star Trek movie)
  • SUVs were rare and barely seen. People had ordinary cars!
  • Phonebooths still existed
  • You could laugh yourself silly at the women's hairstyles and shoulder pads (although I hear they're bringing those back)
  • You can see folks who are now on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis on it in tiny roles. Heh, David Hewlett is sooo young!
  • Guys (aka men) weren't afraid to show emotion and pat each other on back and hug each other
  • Watching the computer geek work on an ancient computer is sooooo funny.
  • Watching news bits from 1993 is just weird beyond belief. Ohmygod, gas is $1.35 a gallon. Heinous!
  • Oh, and your luxury cars are $15K.  Now $15K is bottom price!
  • Chris Potter. Yum. And Kwai Chang Caine was cooler than I remembered.
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