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Polaris / Shore Leave convention coverage: part 2/2

And here is the rest on Shore Leave (with Jason Momoa and Rachel Luttrell).


Shore Leave (Baltimore, MD, July 10-12, 2009)

Rachel Luttrell, Jason Momoa, Christopher Heyerdahl, Robert Picardo


SHORE LEAVE Livejournal/blog/web entries



Greetnigs from Baltimore



Back…and recovering from the fun



Shore Leave awesomeness!



What would be on my own soundtrack



Shore Leave and Team Wench



Ronon Dex offered me a swig of his Yukon Jack at Shoreleave!



Shore Leave, recap



On Shore Leave 2009, the Aftermath



Jason Momoa liked my trill spots



is a thread at Gateworld. You may need to scroll thru to find accounts and photos





Click through photostream for fan shots and Robert Picardo



Jason Momoa on stage



Robert Picardo and fans



gallery of shots from con





Robert Picardo singing



Chris Heyerdahl talks about Todd the Wraith


TWITTER reaction


7/12/09 jaypoc: Back from #Shoreleave. Good times! Fun meeting Jason Momoa,Rachel Luttrell and Chris Heyerdahl of SG:Atlantis and winning my costume awards


7/12/09 Capsgirl44: Jason Momoa enjoys a tasty Guinness #shoreleave flic.kr/p/6EdCDo


1 d carencey: All of you who were betting on Jason Momoa to drop the first F-bomb during the Shore Leave Q and A - you lose, it was Rachel. :) · 


1 d slm1976: Jason Momoa is drinking Guinness on stage. · 


1 d ecupirate68: #shoreleave So apparently Jason Momoa is channelling Johnny Depp today. · 


1 d HomersWisdom: Jason momoa rocks, still hanging out with fans #shoreleave · 


1 d mhaithaca: Increasingly deep phalanx of women around Jason Momoa at the bar. :-) Go figure! #shoreleave · 


1 d Emerald01: Jason Momoa is trying to buy my guitar. It's not really mine, but $500! Trying to reach the owner, but pretty sure the answer will be no. · 


2 d ecupirate68: I thought I heard porn soundtrack music playing when Jason Momoa walked by me. #shoreleave · 


2 d Capsgirl44: Boss and I are all girlysquee over the lovely Jason Momoa *faints* #shoreleave · 


2 d carencey: Hehe. Got a pic of Jason Momoa drinking directly from the water pitcher. · 


2 d dpwac: Jason Momoa is completely faced at the Q and A. #shoreleave · 


2 d marimacc: yfrog.com/0ve4ij Jason momoa and Rachel luttrell · 


2 d Nicole_scorpio: according to jason momoa joe flanigan is a switch-hitter with soft hands. man is he funny. · 


2 d Capsgirl44: Jason Momoa onstage, drinking a beer :-). Oh yeah, Rachel Luttrell is up there too. · 


2 d majorsamfan: Robert Picardo just left stage & now Rachel Luttrell and Jason Momoa are on stage now. · 


2 d marimacc: Next up, Jason Momoa and Rachel Luttrell from stargate Atlantis · 


2 d ducky_one: I'm at a picnic in the park instead of nerd prom. I should have gone too nerd prom. Jason Momoa is at nerd prom. · 


2 d Nicole_scorpio: JAson momoa is hanging out in the dealer room. OMG!!! · 


2 d slm1976: Silly photo op w/ Rachel Luttrell & Jason Momoa. Now to find something for lunch. · 


2 d XPhile1908: Jason Momoa is teh hotness. That is all. #stargateatlantis · 


2 d persephone101: I'm not ashamed to admit that I got all 100 eps of Stargate Atlantis just to watch Jason Momoa who appears in 78 eps. He's SO HOT


Chris Heyerdahl….


40 m  cullenterprise: CE Update: Chris Heyerdahl (Marcus) Talks About His Character in New Moon:   Haha.  I really.. tinyurl.com/nlnplw · 


8 h  BohemianWeasel: Todd the Wraith (Chris Heyerdahl) colour study: tinyurl.com/lzmljc · 


19 h jaypoc: Back from #Shoreleave. Good times! Fun meeting Jason Momoa,Rachel Luttrell and Chris Heyerdahl of SG:Atlantis and winning my costume awards · 


22 h Sammymc83: Back from Shore Leave. EXHAUSTED! Rachel Luttrell and Jason Mamoa were AMAZING! As was Chris Heyerdahl. Now, if we could just get JoeFlan. · 


23 h penguingal: is back from Shore Leave, exhausted. Chris Heyerdahl was a surprise and a delight. Don't let that whole Wraith/Demon thing fool you. · 


1 d  BohemianWeasel: @WaistedRaven Ahem, Stargate Atlantis Todd the Wraith (Chris Heyerdahl) sketchbook roughs ^_^ tinyurl.com/kpkgu2 · 


1 d slm1976: Colin Cunningham might have some competition. Chris Heyerdahl is a great bloke. · 


1 d slm1976: Chris Heyerdahl now going on about his love for Amanda Tapping · 


1 d slm1976: Got my photo op with Chris Heyerdahl signed. He loved the Skelanimals top I wore in it & also today's Nick Cave shirt. · 


2 d majorsamfan: Were Teyla & Halling good friends? Absolutely! And I'm not just saying that because Chris Heyerdahl's in the audience!



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