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New Stargate Atlantis comics!

New Stargate Atlantis comics??

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the comic book rights to all three Stargate series. A $1.00 Stargate #0, featuring sample chapters from each series, will precede Stargate Universe, by writer Chuck Dixon and artist John Watson, Stargate Atlantis, by Doug Murray, and the flagship title, Stargate SG-1, written by Brandon Jerwa. The Atlantis and SG-1 series will be direct continuations of the TV series starting at “season six” for the former and “season eleven” for the latter. The blanks in the creative teams should be filled in shortly (maybe at Comic-Con?) and you’d better believe that Pop Culture Zoo will be bringing you any and all info as it is announced!

Source: http://popculturezoo.com/archives/3948

I'll definitely check out the SGA ones to see what's going on!
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