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SGA Fic: THE WATCH (missing scene - The Real World)

I'd penned this short piece of fiction after the season 3 episode of STARGATE ATLANTIS aired. It's a missing scene to "The Real World," and it contains spoilers :)

A Missing Scene to SGA's "The Real World"
Rating: PG
Copyright Nov. 2006 to the author...



White clothes, white sheets, white walls, and sunlight, streaming slatted blocks of brilliant white against a nearly white floor.


A white label on her wrist, plastic and dehumanizing… Willoughby. Why was that name so familiar?


She was in a psychiatric hospital. She was told that she’d never left Earth, that she’d had a ‘transitory’ break from reality, and that the most intense two years of her entire life in another galaxy were nothing more than a figment of her imagination.


It had been a massive accumulation of stress, so Dr. Fletcher had imparted to her. He seemed the ideal model of a psychiatrist … soft-spoken, caring, the kind of man to whom you yielded your complete trust. Yet, that still didn’t stop him from drugging her when’d tried to escape from the hospital.


It was all so wrong, yet, her emotions collided with logic, with all that Elizabeth saw and felt. The floor was firm beneath her feet, the sheets flat and slightly rough against her fingers. It was real.


But was the face at the door real? She’d been terrified when the indistinct figure had attempted to enter her room, but part of her mind sought out familiarity in the frightening shadow, leaving her unable to sleep, her mind lost in the confused memories that warred for dominance.


And the figure vanished, and she sat through therapy sessions in which she politely refused to participate. For some reason, Fletcher felt she making progress despite her reticence to talk.


She was allowed a visitor.


For a fleeting second, her mind’s eye conjured up a man with a wild haircut, and a smile that made his hazel eyes twinkle with amusement.


But it was her mother.


The reality of her mother’s presence consumed her, grounded her. She hadn’t seen her mother since before she’d left for… no, Atlantis wasn’t real, she firmly told herself as the two women touched, and warm skin held in a hug claimed assertion in her mind.


Her mother, who had always been there for her, who had let her reach high in her aspirations, yet had always been there when she fell.


Comfort. Security.


And her mother had always liked Simon, even if Elizabeth hadn’t been conventional and married him. When she’d come back to- no, and the image of the mangled automobile wreck on the newspaper’s front page, of the stark lettering proclaiming Simon’s death in such a mundane and horrible manner, fought to squelch the memory – the figment? – of when Elizabeth had invited him to join the Atlantis expedition. But in the time away, he’d found someone else.


Elizabeth’s gaze was drawn downward when her mother reached into her purse and with a small, circular item.


Elizabeth’s heart pounded in her throat, barely registering her mother’s words that her father had meant to give it to her.


No no no. She’d been allowed to take one personal item to Atlantis. She’d never hesitated for a second to take her father’s pocket watch, bequeathed to her upon his death so many years ago.


It still kept perfect time, despite its age and various nicks, all of which had their own unique history. Her breath hitched; the metal was cool within her grasp, solid proof that she was there, but…


The flood of memories, of Rodney McKay, Carson Beckett, and John Sheppard… the joys and pains they’d shared… the insurmountable odds they’d beaten, the glorious wins and painful losses. The deaths. People she would never see again.


Her hands curled around the precious watch. She bent forward, the rush of emotions assaulting her like lashes from a whip. Atlantis was real. She cradled the solid watch covetously within her fingers, yet a  voice in her head said ‘no, you’re here. This is real.’


She couldn’t endure the horrible thought that the magnificent city resting like a jewel in a vast ocean a galaxy away didn’t exist.


The faces of John, Rodney and the other members of the expedition fought to remain in her thoughts, but there was pavement beneath her feet, a thin cotton robe around her, as she sat on a park bench on the grounds of a hospital on Earth.


Salty tears leaked from her eyes, blinding her, washing away the precious memories as reality intruded.


Gentle arms enfolded her. Elizabeth crumbled, sobbing, mourning the loss of friends whom she’d considered family, now lost in the haze that told her it was all false.


A voice assured her she’d be safe.

But why did it hurt so much to lose what never existed?




* Avid Twilight Zone watchers will know what Willoughby is, and I figure that was an in-joke with the writers ;)



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