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More Shore Leave/Polaris links (#3), Warehouse 13, replying to posts

This and that…


First, more more Shore Leave coverage (Jason Momoa, Rachel Luttrell)



text, photos and videos


And Polaris (David Hewlett, Kate Hewlett, David Nykl)



David Nykl updated his own blog about Polaris


And, watching WAREHOUSE 13 and well, not feeling the love….


The pilot wasn’t incredibly thrilling (didn’t yank me in like STARGATE SG-1’s pilot, or STARGATE ATLANTIS’ pilot, or even EUREKA’s pilot). I was hoping, okay, this show is made in Toronto, I’ll check it out for Toronto-based actors. And well, I guess that’s what I’ll do. Since SyFy is repeating it left and right, it doesn’t matter if I miss the Tuesday showing, or I can tape, check credits, and watch later. Although I really like Saul Rubinek, it’s the two main characters who just aren’t clicking for me. I’m watching EUREKA and it’s fun this season, as it was last season. It’s a very fun show, not fannish for me, but fun to watch. My friend is buying the DVD sets slowly so I’ll just purloin, er, borrow them when she gets them all ;) Anyway, think that after JOE FLANIGAN appears on WAREHOUSE 13, it’ll be relegated to tape and watch…


And I’ve fallen awfully behind in email due to computer problems, time problems (not enough!) and family stuff which sucks up time. So, if you made a comment, I didn’t reply, it’s nothing personal. I’m trying to get through to reply to them all but if I miss, oops, sorry! I think on ‘squeeish’ posts like posting photos, I may have to not reply since there’s so much squeeing over Joe Flanigan pictures ;)


And I’m sitting here going ‘should I buy SG-1 “Children of the Gods”?? I mean, does it have anything really new? Any new good scenes? I’m tempted  but am trying to not use credit card. I’d rather get season five of EMERGENCY! Where Johnny gets hits by the car. Or if they did a new SGA “Rising” with added scenes, I’d be there in a flash! So, if anybody picks up COTG, let me know.

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