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Stargate Universe at Comic-Con Lin Compilation #1

I'll stick it all under the link for size and in case you're not into Stargate Universe...

Comic Con article excerpts: You need to click on link for rest of article and photos.




The facility, it deserves mentioning, was designed by world-renowned Vancouver architect Arthur Erickson, who was also responsible for the Academic Quadrangle at Simon Fraser University. Fans of science fiction television will recognize it as a location used in nearly everything lensed in Vancouver, from The X-Files to the Stargate franchise to Battlestar Galatica, for which it doubled as Caprica City's main square




It's a Stargate! It glows! We touched it! We're nerds!




Let's all agree that it's OK to hate "Twilight" fans for the same reason it's OK to hate fanatics of "Stargate", "Star Trek", or "Lord of The Rings": it's kind of cheesy, it's pretty lame, and even when you love something dearly, you don't need to dress up as your favorite character and camp out for days on end, invade a real person's privacy, or write bitter response letters to online columnists like myself (oh, they're coming, I'm sure of it; the "comments" section is gonna get ugly, methinks) in order to express your love. In all likelihood, you're gonna look back on this bizarre little portion of your life with utter shame and humiliation.  But that's just part of being a teenager, I guess.





Good God, everybody’s having sex on this show.” That was my reaction about halfway into the new trailer for Stargate Universe that is being shown at Comic-Con ‘09. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the same trailer the Stargate Universe panel will also be showing. The trailer runs pretty long, and gives you a good idea of how they’re approaching the show. I must admit, there are parts of it that looked better than I had anticipated (I like the flying orb-camera they discover, which allows them to dictate their thoughts like they’re on a reality show or something) though there are other parts where my original fears that this is little more than a bad attempt to turn the Stargate franchise into a Battlestar Galactica clone seemed, well, justified.




SciFiScoop: Stargate gets set up at Comic-Con: bit.ly/19r0mF ·


StargateAddicts: #stargate Comic-Con booth shows off Destiny, new Stargate Universe footage


Multipleverses: Multipleverses Comic Con attendees- stop by the FOX booth for special coupons for the NEW Stargate.. bit.ly/ZnLpC


davidcchou: Take a virtual tour of the new "Stargate Universe" Destiny ship with Photosynth at MGM Comic-Con booth


kweabus: Still organizing pics but successful first day at Comic Con -- Stargate mobile dwnlds at the booth & Feed Your Fear blood! Come see me


More articles in coming days Lastly, the cable channel G4 will start their CC coverage tonight at 7:00pm. Check their channel or www.titan-tv.com for more..
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