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Stargate Universe & Michael Shanks/Claudia Black/RDA Comic Con LInk Compilation #3

Okay, one more compilation before I go to work!

Stargate Universe at Comic Con (Brian J. Smith, David Blue, Robert Carlyle and more)


Under the cut for length.  On Stargate Universe, and Michael Shanks & Richard Dean Anderson (Stargate SG-1), and Ben Cotton (Stargate Atlantis), Claudia Black & Ben Browder.







Updated Daily:





Stargate to appear at Comic-Con


  • The cast of SGU: Stargate Universe will be at Comic-Con on Friday, July 24th (tomorrow!) at 10:30 am in Ballroom 20
  • You can meet up with cast members Robert Carlyle, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith and Ming-Na
  • You can meet series co-creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper
  • You’ll get a first look at Stargate Universe show footage
  • You might get some autographs
  • There’ll be a Stargate booth (#4319) with exclusive SGU content, giveaways, and special prizes


MGM's bare-bones Stargate Universe 'booth'. So far, still only posters given out, with drawings for DVD give-aways every hour. (check out Stargate table cloth at Café Diem)




Michael Shanks re BURN NOTICE


Michael Shanks (Victor) on any potential resurrections: "It's been one of the most often asked questions I think to Matt [Nix] in the past year of the series. And I've been asked so many times. He's not wrong in this... certainly part of me would love for him undo it and make that character come back and I'd [drop back in] because that's a fun character to watch and a fun character to play. But, you know, this is a show, unlike the others shows that I do where characters do come back to life. I think I've died 17 times on other shows and come back. But he wants this one to be real. Especially for the last episode, the emotional impact of that, to then have the rug pulled out by 'oh, he wasn't really dead' and all this stuff. The character kind of went as far as he could."



Regardless, it was clear that the audience assembled were appreciative of the chance to celebrate the show, and it quickly became clear that this was to be the Bruce Campbell show.
After, of course, the applause for Michael Shanks, the surprise moderator of the panel, died down a bit. (rest at link above)



The panel itself opened up with a video montage which gave fans a look at each main character of the show. This led to a fun video with Jeffery Donovan doing a Michael Westen spy style monologue about Comic-Con. These videos were entertaining and got the crowd excited and ready for the insanity that awaited them. As per usual, the panel went into discussion style after introductions as Michael Shanks went down the line asking questions to every panelist before opening the floor up to questions.




Claudia Black / Ben Browder (Farscape)



SDCC 09: Uncharted 2: Single-Player Impressions and Panel Report

Meanwhile, during the question and answer session, a fan asked Claudia Black, the voice of Chloe Frazer, about her time on The Dresden Files and if it was possible that she might make an appearance on Torchwood. Her answer was simple.

"Write to them and ask," Black said.



Some of the key people involved with "Farscape," including stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black, along with executive producer Brian Henson and creator Rockne O'Bannon, will be on hand at Comic-Con this year to talk about the amazing vitality of "Farscape," which ran on the channel now known as Syfy, between 1999 and 2003. The new DVD set is a collaboration between A&E Home Entertainment and the Jim Henson Co.

The panel featuring the "Farscape" greats is scheduled for Friday at 10 a.m. in Room 6BCF at the San Diego Convention Center.


has details on the FARSCAPE DVD megaset due in November






Watiers at café diem? In SGU shirts - http://www.flickr.com/photos/ishootsd/3751948006/

SGU ice sculpture - http://www.flickr.com/photos/davechensipod/3751388022/



Michael Shanks














Ben Cotton, an actor seen on “Stargate:Atlantis” and “Harper’s Island,” and of course Supernatural takes in his first Comic-Con and can’t get over it. Note that Ben is very excited about seeing the Star Wars toys booth


The SGU Trailer shown at Comic Con is online


(if you don’t want spoilers, don’t watch; also the first SG ad with rock music in it! And Richard Dean Anderson is in the very beginning of the trailer).






SyFy http://twitpic.com/bfauf - SGU logo projected on the side of a building


SyFy http://twitpic.com/bfarz - SGU ice sculpture


SyFY Finally met @davidblue and @brianjacobsmith in person, plus Robert Carlyle. Also chatted w/Brian Fuller for a bit. MGM threw a nice party.


SyFy Didn't make it to Ninja Assassins. Stayed at the SGU party instead. Had a fun talk with Brad & Robert about Robert's ep Time


SFXmagazine: Dave B here at Comic Con - just got back from the Stargate: Universe launch party in San Diego - met Robert Carlyle and drank a few beers


destroytheearth: #followfriday @clayaaa is at a Stargate Universe roof-top pool party at SDCC drinking free cocktails with Robert Carlyle. [Rage]


saulone: At the stargate universe party with cast, director, etc - just saw trailer - pretty awesome. #zudacon #sdcc


danforthfrance: Man, Stargate sucks, but the smoked sturgeon, Idaho trout and salmon roe is good. Free wine too. #sdcc


themarina: Yes! #yvr rocks! RT @solocorps: Brad Wright of Stargate tells me that Robert Carlyle loves Vancouver. #sdcc #stargateuniverse


@BrianJacobSmith twitpic.com/beoc2 .. Isn't that just awesome? i want one! Hehe


BrianJacobSmith: Got the word. #SGU panel is Friday at 10:30am, Ballroom 20. Rumor has it there's a special sneak peak. Be there or wait till October!


BrianJacobSmith: Comic Con - wow. This is serious.




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