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Stargate Universe Comic Con link compilation #5 - Twitters

This wouldn't fit the previous post, so here are various responses on Twitter about Stargate Universe at Comic Con, plus some Farscape (Ben Browder) twitter info as well!

TWITTER tweets from today


Listing of comments on the panel, etc. The good and bad, but not the ugly, cuz yes, some folks can be nasty. Tsk!

 Syfy http://twitpic.com/bhson - Ran into Ben Browder and Brian Henson at Cafe Diem. Love those guys.

BrianJacobSmith: Just finished the SGU panel - woa that was a big room and wow that was a lot of people. Lots of interviews to follow.

: David Blue said his character on "Stargate Universe" may be comedic, but he has a hint of a reluctant hero underneath.


IGNcom: News/notes from the Stargate Universe panel at #Comiccon. Robery Carlyle! #sdcc tv.ign.com/articles/100/1007115p1.html


comicconlive: Stargate Univers Comic Con Launch Party bit.ly/3wK6xb


Irrel: twitpic.com/bh16l - ugh, awful photo, wish I could zoom in! It's David Blue!


seanflaneryBoondock Saints II comics and trailer at Comic Con San Diego Saturday, plus more news about upcoming movies... http://seanflanery.com/blog/  [Sean Patrick Flanery played Orlin in SG-1 episode]


CoronaNewsFeed: Looking at Stargate Universe: It looks like SyFy is kicking off its promotion of Stargate Universe into full gea.. bit.ly/lgmNL


cisellis: New "Stargate Universe" series trailer from Comic-Con looks awesome. Might be the first Stargate series I try to watch


adambronte: Just saw preview for stargate universe. HUGE dissapointment. Totally killed the series #sdcc


pharaoh248: Brad Wright called the ship in Stargate Universe the Destiny? #SDCC


mirithejedi: Interview with Robert Carlisle for SGU... On my way to meet Kelly Le Brock!!! Love #SDCC!!


ComicConAA #hoot- MIKE: Minga-Na -- "Working with Richard Dean Anderson was a hoot!" #SGU #sdcc bit.ly/2e5V •


theTVaholic: Waiting to talk with some of the cast of Syfy's new Stargate Universe


emilymargrit: RT @RealMegPruitt the sgu panel just ended. stargate universe is gonna be awesome. :) I approve! // good to know! glad you got in :)


thepretension: I think the Stargate at the MGM booth leads back to a time when that studio had more than one title to promote


threadbarejen: Just saw Dave Blue's Stargate Universe panel --- it looks like it's gonna be a great show! I'm so proud!!


robtak: Never watched Stargate, but the trailer looked good & how can one argue with Begbie in a sci-fi show? Waiting for Caprica panel. #syfy #sdcc


roshiredyoshi: just saw stargate: universe panel. show looks very good


Hammer_Sandwich: Stargate Universe looks awesome and dark. Robert Carlisle has a sick accent


liketheriver1 Ben Browder redeems himself! He goes from looking like he rolled out of bed with a hangover last year to wearing a suit and tie this year.


Bruce_Simmons: The Stargate Universe panel helped me look forward to the new

cast in the upcoming show. More so than I already was. #


jollyroger: Stargate universe panel finished. Waitund for bsg caprica panel to start


dalziel_86: Stargate Universe looks like Stargate via BSG. If it is, it is a Stargate series designed especially for *me*. I will watch this show


Sproing_SDCC: Stargate Universe panel over. Most of main cast was here. #sdcc


melloniel: Oh sweet mother of f**k, I'm going to be watching Stargate Universe. I hate myself for liking it.


MimiWhatserFace: Just watched stargate panel at Comic con. Awesome back stage



elgray: I don't follow "Stargate," but I know an "Is the Russian ever coming out of the woods?" question when I hear it. #SDCC


jennifergodwin: I love newcomer David Blue on the Stargate panel. Seems incredibly smart charming astute and nerdy #comiccon


Jutube: Stargate panel...SOMEONE thinks they're battlestar junior...SOMEONE


TechGOnzo: The stargate (new series) actors went on Exhib. floor to take a pic in front of the Stargate prop... #sdcc


comicconlive: Stargate Universe - Panel Photo bit.ly/WZ1KJ #sdcc


Suetube: Stargate panel Robert Carlyle says he was told to make "dislikable likable." "I'm your man."


cpedraza: @Clentou_Disra Tho not a big Stargate fan, SG Universe looks worth checking out. #ComicCon #SGU @vivspace the biggest star is Robert Carlyle


televisionary: "They kill the doctor right away in this one." - Robert Cooper #sdcc #sgu


tvoti: Jamil Walker Smith nicely deflects question asking him about father and grandfather who aren't actually, uh, related to him. #sgu


tvoti: Questioners obviously have weird, proprietary relationship with Stargate masterminds. One just asked guy about his hair loss?


televisionary: Robert Cooper promises "big things are going to happen very quickly" on SGU. #sdcc


tvoti: #SGU producer says show will be serialized, but not intimidatingly so. That seems to be the way everyone's doing it nowadays.


tvoti: Robert Cooper now asking Stargate fans to have perspective about SG: Atlantis cancellation. Good luck with that, Bob! #sdcc #sgu


tvoti: Questioners at #sgu panel are oddly hostile. Elyse Levesque deflects all barbs and arrows, though! #sdcc


tvoti: #sgu crowd just cheered lustily for lesbians. Sadly, I don't think they're big supporters of gay rights. #sdcc


televisionary: Ming-Na says her character is a "strong, intelligent lesbian" on SGU. #sdcc #sgu


televisionary: Wow, that was a rude question! #sdcc #sgu


televisionary: Fan asking why SGU isn't on NBC. What the what? #sdcc #sgu •


tvoti: #SGU supporting players are winning and funny. Maybe I will watch this show? #sdcc


frakbuddy: Loving the SGU SDCC trailer! Yes it looks like it's learned some stuff from BSG but what wonderful lessons to learn! •


PHoss: Brad Wright said Richard Dean Anderson will be a recurring guest star in SGU #sdcc


MoiraCurran: robert carlysle and ming na get big applause at sgu panel. #SDCC


televisionary: SGU promo has people cheering and applauding wildly. #sdcc


televisionary: SGU panel starting in about five mins. Feeling very sleepy and slightly hung over. It's going to be a very long day. #sdcc


moryan #Farscape #SDCC: Ben [Browder] wouldn't change a thing, but did a funny bit on how people hated his beard. His actual beard, which pple thought fake


moryan #Farscape #SDCC: Panel asked what they wd change, Claudia Black said 1st 6 episodes. Felt like she found character w S1 Ep 7, PK Tech Girl.


Syfy How familiar were the actors with the previous Stargates? Brian [Brian J. Smith]: Not at all. I was a Trekkie. Audience erupts with applause


SyFy: Sorry my iPhone "corrected" furling to furlong. (no we didn't rebrand the furlings too!)


JaceHall http://twitpic.com/bgv5q - Up front at the Stargate Universe Comicon Panel! There are like 100 0 people in here! I'm lucky!


SyFy: Headed to sgu panel soon. I'll be near the front in white shorts, a blue shirt and a Syfy pin


moryan Brian Henson of Farscape says they are "all set to make" Waebisodes but it's been hard to raise the money to make them. Not necessarily ...


Syfy" Will we see non-Joffa, non-English speaking aliens?" Robert: we made a blood pact to not have rubber faced English speaking aliens


Syfy Panel question: "Will we ever find out more about the furlongs?" Brad: "No." Robert: "Maybe." Craig: "Hmmmmmmmm"


moryan Farscape dvd set will have "Farscape Undressed" special and 29 episode commentaries. 90 mins deleted scenes.


Syfyhttp://twitpic.com/bgru8 - Stargate Universe panel


Syfy http://twitpic.com/bgrep - Josh Gates in the audience for the SGU panel. He says I tweet a lot. He's right!


Syfy http://twitpic.com/bgov8 - Hall 20 filling up for SGU panel


televisionary: Am already inside Ballroom 20, having used studio pass for Caprica to enter early. SGU and then Caprica/BSG panel to follow. #


digitalred93: 2 hours early for SGU/BSG panels and we're at the back of a very long line. #SDCC


GracieValenti: rather unimpressed by the Stargate Universe trailer


estebankielbasa: Stargate Universe trailer has me so stoked for another Stargate series to watch out of habit, deny any knowledge of and bitch secretly about


digitalred93: Up and at 'em for SGU/BSG panels. Should be interesting to see how long the line gets. #SDCC


JacobNahin: @kw oh yeah...lots. First panel I am hitting up (as a fan) is Stargate Universe. You? •


CSSHH: SDCC: SGU: Stargate Universe Posters and Trailer http://www.comingsoon.net/news/tvnews.php?id=57460


greenchai: Don't like what I've seen of SGU so far. Except "looks like we've entered the Hoth system" Yay for a Star Wars Fan on the team


annesmart: Hmm, SGU trailer looks completely like BSG/ST:Voyager rip off. Complete with rockin soundtrack. Not sure about this one at all....


o6untouchable: Just watched the latest #SGU trailer. Can already tell that @DavidBlue is gonna be my favourite character


jedi58: before the SDCC trailer for SGU I didn't like the sound of it, but now I'm thinking it might be okay... I like the Star Wars reference in it


candacetwilson: ...in line again for my badge...I just better be able to get into the Stargate Universe line with good seats...


atopham: blown away by the trailer for Stargate Universe that's just premiered at Comic-Con, it's looks fantastic



From Stargatecommand

Getting ready for the SGU signing. Just lugged giant rolls of posters up to the sails pavilion. Cast signing full size onesheets this year!

Jamil and Elyse went to the Stargate booth and were asked if they wanted to enter to win a guest spot in the show...

Brian J. Smith gives a shout out to the SGU crew.

http://twitpic.com/bgv5m - I can't get over how many people are here! You guys rock!

http://twitpic.com/bguc3 - Ming-Na says the ballroom ceiling looks like Stargates. She's got the sci fi bug!

David Blue wants to get SGU right for you guys. Go fans! Brad says David is an actor / technical advisors. Nice!

Brad and Rob will arm wrestle over whether or not we learn more about the Furlings!

http://twitpic.com/bgs3a - Brad and Rob doing their thing. This is so awesome!

Jamil and Elyse went to the Stargate booth and were asked if they wanted to enter to win a guest spot in the show. Priceless!

Brad just announced the cast as convention virgins. So be nice with the questons!




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