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Stargate Universe Comic Con Link Compilation #6: blogs, twitter, photos, vids

Another collection of articles, blog entries, links to videos and photos, etc. on Stargate Universe at Comic Con. Also a smattering of stuff on Farscape (Ben Browder) and there was a mention of Stargate Atlantis during the SGU panel, so SGA fans may be interested. I'll bold those for ease of finding.






Excerpts only; click on links for full articles.



We were interrupted when the entire cast of 'Stargate Universe' showed up and demanded everyone's attention as they played the trailer for the series. Ammon and I finally realized we were standing next to a bunch of actors and actresses. Present were Robert Carlyle, David Blue, and hottie, Elyse Levesque along with other cast and crew



Atlantis was ended prematurely and which would they like to work on more? Robert: would flip a coin, feel grateful that they had five seasons when so many shows get just one but does agree that they hadn’t run out of stories to tell



:  Someone asked since they’ve had strong intelligent women in the last 2 shows, what do they have in mind for this show?  (Obviously, no faith yet in the fresh, young cast!)

Each actress demonstrated that they each have strong, intelligent female characters on the show.

David Blue has seen all of SG-1 and SG-Atlantis shows.  Wright joked that it’s great to hire an actor they can use as technical consultant.

They were asked about the premature ending of Atlantis and why it ended so quickly.

Robert Cooper said Brad flipped a coin!  Cooper agreed that there were more stories to be told but didn’t feel it was a premature ending.  It was a good run with Atlantis and some shows just don’t last that long.  He didn’t think “premature” is the right word.

An attendee pointed out that SG-1 and Altantis were more episodic, and rumors say that universe will be more serial.


Scottish actor Robert Carlyle was star of the show at the unveiling of the latest Stargate series today, when SG: Universe hit San Diego Comic Con.

Well known for grittier, non-genre roles, Carlyle is the lead of the latest of the long-running scifi franchise, and joined six other cast members and SG creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper to showcase the series to fans

“I didn't know much Stargate and my first reaction was 'why would they want me to do this?' But it's very much a character driven piece, and when I met Brad and Robert they told me they were looking for someone who could make dislikeable things quite likeable. When they said that I thought, 'yup, I'm your man for that'."



You don't need to know a damn thing.  That was the vibe I got from Robert Carlyle and Jamil Walker Smith after talking to the two Stargate: Universe stars last night regarding the placement of SGU in the franchise's epic cannon.

"You dont have to know anything at all," said Carlyle.  "Of course Universe wouldn't be here without SG-1 and Atlantis.  But there's no link to those shows really," explained the Stargate newcomer.  In the same breath, Carlyle was quick to acknowledge the groundwork of the franchise, laid by Richard Dean Anderson and talked up RDA's appearance on SGU.  "Having said that, of course Richard Dean Anderson, who is the main guy from SG-1, does appear. But he's kind of a peripheral character in this.  He's not really in the forefront and I thought that was really brave of the guy to do," said Carlyle. 


And the folks behind SGU encouraged Walker Smith to come to the series having never seen what  a wormhole can do.  "When I got  the show, they gave me a limited edition box set of every episode ever made.  But when I took it home  I got a call from the people at Stargate and they said 'did they give you the box set?'  I said 'yea I'm about to watch it all,' and they said 'don't watch any of it. That was that and it was great and we're thankful for it but now we're gonna try something that we haven't done and you haven't seen.  Are you ready?' And I said 'go!'"





As unveiled to a full, if partially groggy Comic-Con crowd during one of the day's first events, the DVD collection will include every episode of the show, more than 90 minutes of extra footage and 29 episode commentaries.

Henson joined series creator Rockne O'Bannon with stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black to unveil the comprehensive set of the show Henson repeatedly referred to during the panel as "psychotically ambitious" because of its mix of live-action, muppet technology, and then-state-of-the-art visual effects.

The Farscape panel also offered Henson a chance to buzz the muppet-friendly crowd on a couple of other franchises hitting the big screen in 2011.



11:06- Blue is the resident sci-fi fan of the group. He says he has seen every "Stargate" episode, and "pretty much every sci-fi show out there." Wright jokes that in Blue, they got an actor/technical advisor.

11:08- Wright ducks behind the moderator podium when a question about the cancellation of "SGA" comes up. Cooper admits that there were still some story lines to tell, but that he "think[s] it's unfair to say that after 5 seasons and 100 episodes...that it's [a] premature [cancellation]."






has a selection of SGU MGM Launch party photos

If link doesn’t work for any reason, go to main URL and search for Stargate Universe.






Robert Carlyle, Alaina Huffman interview (2.43 min)



Brad Wright, Robert Cooper (3.02 min)



Fans in front of stargate booth



The SGU trailer




and there are many more. Simply search for stargate universe comic con and you’ll find them


For those curious about Comic Con, two ‘walk through’ vids




And Craig Ferguson talks about Comic Con. Bwahahahah! Starts at 2.17 min w/ spoof on IronMan II trailer. This is why you should make sure you fit your costume otherwise – watch out!







BrianJacobSmith CC Day2, lots of interviews and then the SyFy party tonight which is apparently the BEST industry party at CC. Ready to get back to work.


TheHUBBUB: twitpic.com/bkmzx - Ming Na from the new Stargate Universe cast at Comic con ( or for the Disneynuts Mulan


TheHUBBUB: twitpic.com/bkmtj - New Stargate Universe cast at Comic Con [Alaina Huffman]


TheHUBBUB: twitpic.com/bkmlk - New Stargate Universe cast, at Comic con signing [David Blue\Elyse Levesque]


guiadeseriados: [Comic-Con] Painel de Stargate: Universe bit.ly/M6PxV ·



majorsamfan: twitpic.com/bjthe - #ElyseLevesque at #SDCC #SGU panel Friday. Best I could do is photo of big screen due to JERKS who parked big ...


majorsamfan: twitpic.com/bjt8k - @BrianJacobSmith #SDCC #SGU panel Friday. Had terrible view of that end of panel due to JERKS setting up big


Posted Saturday, 12 noon, 7/25


majorsamfan: twitpic.com/bjt2w - #RobertCarlyle at #SDCC in #SGU panel. He looked rather bored unless asked a question. Love the accent


majorsamfan: twitpic.com/bjsym - #AlainaHuffman at #SDCC in #SGU panel Friday July 24. She loves to smile & laugh


majorsamfan: twitpic.com/bjsvq - #Ming-Na at #SDCC Friday July 24 in #SGU panel


majorsamfan: twitpic.com/bjss7 - #DavidBlue at #SDCC #SGU panel. I can't help it if he's my fave; he's the most engaging.


elsewyse: Still ticked off about SGU autograph ticket drawing, tho, held this morning @ 9 am, 40 minutes before they even let us in the doors


AnaVatazes: @Ivonbartok Honestly the jury is still out for me and SGU. But stuff from #sdcc is peaking the interest more


kangamoo http://pic.gd/a9ddf6 ballroom 20 before the sgu panel.


kangamoo http://pic.gd/618be6 @brianjsmith answering a question on the sgu panel.


kangamoo http://pic.gd/2f8cd3 robert carlyle at the sgu panel. @davidblue and ming-na too!


marksavela http://twitpic.com/bjory - SGU View From The Roof


marksavela http://twitpic.com/bjopg - Ice Scupture


marksavela http://twitpic.com/bjols - Good pic of RC and Ming-Na at SGU Panel


Syfy Just ran into Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood & David Eick in the lobby. Martin had just been riding a mechanical bull.


JaceHall http://twitpic.com/bjcpg - At the WB party with our 'V' cast! Morena [Baccarin]  (Anna) and Exec Producer Steve Pearlman!


DavidBlue The trailer at the #SDCC #SGU booth says it all. Fan-fracking-tastic. Can't wait until October!!!


pablod: Stargate Universe looks pretty badass. So does BSG: The Plan. #sdcc



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