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Ah, the joys of summer... sorta

Well, Comic Con in San Diego has come and gone and I have got to get out there one of these years, preferably when I have enough cash to buy all the junk I want! Godzillas! Daleks! Dead kitty dolls! ;) By the time I get out there I'm willing to bet there will be no Stargate franchise left!

Meanwhile, did not get a garden in. The bags of dirt for the garden are lying in the garden, doing a practical thing: killing the crabgrass :)  But, the wild raspberry bushes just went gonzo this year. I've spent a few days picking berries and there are still a TON left. It's sorta disturbing that the bushes really aren't being decimated by the wildlife, cuz last year the birds competed with me for berries. This year, I don't know where the birds are, which isn't good. Probably bumped off by all the pesticides and crap people dump in their yards. Anyway, I'll be eating berries the rest of the week for at least 1-2 meals a day cuz I can't let them go to waste. Too good! As long as I make sure I don't eat any of the teensy spiders and green hoppy things that like to lurk on the berries...

Meanwhile, read a really great Stargate Atlantis whump story - Foreign Concepts - at http://x-erikah-x.livejournal.com/148955.html. It's multiple parts so just keep reading :) Definitely recommend it!

I'm sorta going back and forth between Stargate Atlantis and my rediscovery of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues fanfiction (zines) which had a ton of whumpy angsty stories. ANd I keep thinking, gotta finish writing all those SGA whump fic stories I started. Just need to get back into the writing mood.

TV is pretty eh these days. EUREKA is fun, Warehouse 13 is meh, okay, but I'm mostly waiting for Joe Flanigan's guest appearance.

Went to a local library book sale with the idea of buying maybe one or two books and came out with six (they were $1 each) plus two CDs. One by Christopher Franke (who did the soundtrack for the 90s CBS TV series RAVEN, and oh, used to be with Tangerine Dream!) and the other a Tibetan bell meditation CD I have yet to try out, but for a couple bucks....

Weather is dreadful. Hot. Humid. Hazy. It tends to rain or drizzle every single day so the house painting project is in definite arrears. Can't paint till I get a nice dry day for at least 24 hours, and that hasn't been happening. but I guess the weather has been good for the berries... ;)
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