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Stargate Universe Link Compilation #9: SGU, SG1, SGA & more

Okay, well, figured the rush was over, but found all these new snippets from the convention.

Comic-Con link compilation # 9 (final?) on Stargate Universe (Brian J. Smith, David Blue, Jamil Walker Smith, Alaina Huffman, Robert Caryle, Elyse Levesque, Ming-Na), Sanctuary (Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne), Burn Notice (Michael Shanks, formerly of Stargate SG-1), and V: The Series (Morena Baccarin, formerly of Stargate SG-1) and some assorted cute cat links cuz I say so! ;)

Links to blogs, articles, live journals, photos, videos, tweets, etc.


Comic-Con 2009: Stargate Universe
 "Smallville"), who plays medic Tamara Johansen, and Elyse Levesque, who plays the character Chloe Armstrong. The conversation ranged from their thoughts on their characters, to "Battlestar Galactica," to the oh-so-dreamy Robert Pattinson, and of course, geek culture.
The funny story of their trip to the "Stargate" booth was fresh in their minds when asked about their experience at the convention thus far. "That poor girl," Levesque said. "We just didn't have the heart to tell her, to set her straight. So we just kinda went along with it."
Sympathetic, Huffman defended her. "Why would she know? Well…"

Stargate Universe: This isn't your mother's Stargate
The script was good enough for all of the actors attending the panel that day, most highly regarded by Brian J. Smith. He was especially appreciative of the complexity of the script; something that was agreed upon by all cast present. Smith also talked about how he enjoys doing research for playing a soldier, 1st Lt. Matthew Scott.

Stargate, Prisoner bode well for fall TV
In a genial panel featuring co-creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper and most of the cast (including Carlyle, Ming-Na and the charming David Blue), the fans were told to expect a show that is darker and grittier than “Stargates” past, but with a sense of humor and hope that will keep viewers from searching for the nearest escape hatch.
According to Wright, “Stargate Universe” will also be accessible

Syfy Marketing Campaign At Comic-Con Meets With Mixed Results
Engler, however, has pushed for support of the name, and has even had some fun with the rebranding. At one point, his iPhone corrected "furling" to "furlong" during the "Stargate: Universe" panel. Engler corrected himself on Twitter and said, "No, we didn't rebrand the Furlings too!"

Stargate Universe is so dark they kill off the whole cast
(spoilers for episode if you read entire article; however top portion has a selection of photos)
We sneaked a few minutes of Dr. Nicholas Rush's time, the crazy-eyed scientist played by Robert Carlyle, and asked him if there would be any zombie homages from his past work (28 Weeks Later):

We also attended the MGM/Stargate Universe bash where I had a great time chatting with a couple of fellows from JoBlo.com and got a chance to meet Kerry O'Quinn, founder of Starlog Magazine - which was one of the things that triggered my love for Sci-Fi films.

Brad Wright Talks with CinemaSpy About 'Stargate Universe'
While at the MGM party on the rooftop of San Diego's Salomar hotel last Thursday night — where a Stargate was projected on the bottom of the pool and the SGU symbol was projected on the side of a building across the street — 'Stargate' major domo Brad Wright revealed to CinemaSpy that the third series in the 'Stargate' franchise, Stargate Universe, had an episodic budget fully $1M beyond what had been available when shooting Stargate Atlantis.
That's $1 million. It's a staggering sum to add over and above the previous show's budget. But it demonstrates the faith that MGM has in Wright, writer/producer Rob Cooper, and indeed, the 'Stargate' franchise itself.

Sanctuary Comic-Con Panel 2009
On hand for Syfy's Sanctuary panel were executive producers Martin Wood & Damian Kindler along with actors Robin Dunne (Dr. Will Zimmerman) & Amanda Tapping (Dr. Helen Magnus).
Some of the highlights pointed out in the panel were:
Two years ago, this was just an internet series, and now it's a TV series heading for season 2. No internet We'll be seeing new characters in season 2 and we're going to discover that there are sanctuaries all over the world.

Comic-Con: Is Stargate Universe the New Battlestar Galactica?
This is also not your typical Stargate. Though there is a bit of humor to it, expect the show to travel down into the rabbit hole and bring a darker side to the franchise, while upholding the integrity of the show. Says Wright, "I think there is a lot of speculation of what the show is going to be like and anticipation from fans. Many people are talking about it in terms of being darker and grittier. It really is still Stargate."

David Blue, Brian J. Smith and Jamil Walker Smith Promise Character Driven Stargate Universe
As the conversation moved on we got to learn more about Brian J. Smith who will be playing Lt. Matthew Scott. A stage actor and graduate of Julliard, Smith is a prime example of the type of talent and character actor that Rob Cooper and Brad Wright wanted to have for this series and its direction. Smith even went to
Julliard with some of the cast of True Blood, such as Rutina Wesley and Nelson Ellis.
A Dallas native, Smith was acting on the stage in New York when he got the call for SGU. Never having big television experience before, he brings a different but good quality to the series that Stargate fans may not be used to.
"I'm a theater guy," says Brian. "I thought I was a serious actor but then I got the script and saw the way the writing was and how the show would be executed and talked to Brad and Rob, that was enough for me to do it."

Surviving in the Dark: "Stargate Universe" Cast and Crew Discuss the Future of the Franchise
Helping make this transition is former Stargate: SG-1 star Richard Dean Anderson, who will recur throughout the first season of Stargate Universe, along with Amanda Tapping, another familiar face to fans of the franchise who will appear in the pilot episode.
"We've already tried to acknowledge what came before and never reset back to zero in an episode, so we didn't undo things, but we wanted the casual viewer to access the show," explained co-creator Brad Wright. "It's difficult when you get too serialized. There's no question that it does have a broader, more continuing storyline. It will reward any viewer that turns on episode five, but please start from [episode] one." He described the production as having "a different energy... It's much more hand-held and dynamic."

'Stargate: Universe' Influenced More By 'Firefly' Than 'Battlestar'
As creators Brad Wright and Richard Cooper explained, out of loyalty to the fans and in order to satiate the building anticipation of viewers, it was important to keep the latest incarnation contemporary and yet more dynamic. Thus, they incorporated a new style of hand-held cinematography, similar to what was used in "Battlestar Galactica," to heighten the drama by putting the viewer more on the front lines and set about reintroducing what the Stargate is and how it can be used -- while handicapping its abilities at the same time.
But it's not like Cooper and Wright took a page out of the "Battlestar" playbook, they said. Instead, they looked to two different shows: "Firefly" and "The Shield." The two said they wanted to create new layers of tension and drama, and integrate it into the regular Stargate formula and universe that has already been established over the last 11 years or so. That meant moving away from standard standalone stories and embracing an arcing, serialized style of storytelling

Who Won Comic Con's Buzz Wars? Our 10 Picks
#3: V
This was a television franchise we weren't sure we wanted to see back again, and yet another remake/reboot that we were leery of. But this show opened our bleary eyes with its moody, weird and scary pilot. The cast, including Firefly's Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk and Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell, were snappy and fun to watch. And the old "beware of aliens bearing gifts" trope still turns out to have a decent amount of life left in it. The 4400's Scott Peters brings the right amount of paranoia to a story where the terrorists turn out to be anti-alien freedom fighters, and the media is lying to us all along. We heard several people marveling afterwards that a V remake could be so intriguing. Hollywood Reporter says the screening and panel got a strong Comic Con response."
#8: Stargate Universe
The Stargate franchise is rivaling Star Trek for number of consecutive years on the air, and number of shows with things like SG-1 or DS9 after the franchise name. So there's been some doubt as to whether SGU would be true to Stargate and feel fresh and interesting. But the new trailer got people ramped up, and the producers said the right things about keeping this show true to the franchise's traditions. And then Robert Carlyle said the thing about how everybody was going to die. And we were pretty much sold. We also overheard tons of hallway conversations from people surprised they were stoked about Stargate again. The San Diego Union Tribune calls SGU "promising" and says it's one of a few shows that prove "there could be light at the end of our sci-fi TV apocalypse."

Two members of the cast of "Sanctuary" returned from their Comic-Con adventure in San Diego to a handful of fans & autograph hounds waiting at the airport.Robin Dunne (better known to me as "Trip" on "Dead Like Me" for a couple episodes) & Amanda Tapping (also from "Stargate SG1") returned yesterday afternoon & they were more than happy to see people waiting for them. Both took time to interact with fans, chit chat a bit & sign autographs. When all the items had been signed & photos were taken, the two headed off with their
chauffer & assistants.

"Grrr. Love doing press, but bummed to be missing all the panels I was looking forward to. Iron Man2, Avatar, Chuck, etc. :("
The Stargate Universe star laments a Comic-Con spent working. -

The Stargate has been there for all three of the Comic-cons I've attended, but it's still a popular photo shoot.  And most of the people who walked through it came back.  For those that didn't, I think they went into the truly atrocious food offered by the Cafe Express vendors.  And since when does Soylent Green cost so much?!

Comic-Con Day 3 EXCERPT:
I plant myself in the Hilton's Indigo Ballroom for the panel on the SyFy (I can't get used to writing that, but anyway) series "Sanctuary." The show in some ways is an alternate take on the "X-Men" premise, postulating that there exist numerous human beings with odd, dangerous or superior powers. A success for
SyFy, the show has a second season on the way, and healthy ratings plus critical acclaim seem to point toward continued growth for the program, which is actually rather beautifully shot and artfully conceived.
Nonetheless, five of the principal cast members are on hand to talk about "V," including "Lost" cast member Elizabeth Mitchell, "4400" actor Joel Gretsch, "Firefly" veteran Morena Baccarin, plus Morris Chestnut and Scott Wolf. All of them say that the new show pays tribute to the '83 classic -- which is still imprinted on many fans' memories after a quarter-century -- but that the original's allegorical references to World War II are replaced by a more modern subtext about the state of the world today and the threats facing humankind. Asked why the show has had enough lasting power to warrant a remake, Wolf says, "I think most of us feel it's pretty improbable that we are the only living beings in the universe, and once you believe in that, it's a short step to ask, 'What would they want?'"

Go to next post for even more SGU Comic Con!

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