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New David Hewlett inteview!

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David Hewlett: Atlantis, Splice And His Own Show


Thursday, July 30, 2009

by Captain



David Hewlett needs no introduction to fans of Stargate Atlantis. As the morose, abrasive, insulting and generally loveable Dr Rodney McKay, he has amassed a legion of die-hard fans who see his brilliant yet repulsive character to be one of the unique creations in the Sci FI pantheon. First appearing as a guest character in the SG1 episode ’48 Hours’, the character appeared in seven episodes before becoming one of the team members on the spin off, Stargate Atlantis. Since then the ‘geek’s geek’ has stepped out from beyond the lab and become more than just a guy with the brain the size of a planet - a fighter, a hero, and, most surprisingly, a lover.


But of course, beneath it all, a motor-mouthed, socially awkward, miserable geek - deathly afraid of clowns.


With the release of Stargate Atlantis Season 5 (and the entire box set) on DVD, we thought it only fitting to have a chat with David and see what he’s been up to since the team at Atlantis base ‘closed the iris’.

REST AT LINK ABOVE. It's a lengthy Q&A!!
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