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Stargate Universe at the TCA

Stargate Universe's cast went off to promote the show at the annual press tour of the TCA, Television Critic's Association. Alas, no discussion of Stargate Atlantis or SG-1, as well, it's a spot to promote only NEW shows.

Anyway, bunch of twitters and an article under the cut, for size.

Tidbits from the TCA (Television Critics Assocation press tour)


@davidblue FUN with @MsMingNa,@LouDPhillips,@Syfy &all the wonderful SyFy, NBC/Uni & TCA peeps. Everyone have safe travels. This twitterer is drained!


MsMingNa Robert Carlyle & I had fun doing the interviews 2gether. My throat is sore from answering all the questions. Took pics, will post them. Xo


MsMingNa Heading home! Those high heels hurt! TCA turned out fun, especially when our panel was interrupted by a false fire alarm. No one moved!

sepinwall: Robert Carlyle speaks! Between him, Craig Ferguson and David Tennant, it's been an embarrassment of Scottish-accented riches this TCA


lifeontheMlist @MsMingNa is looking fab @ #TCA. also have a lil' crush on @DavidBlue. i'm quite excited to see them on syfy's "stargate universe."


greghernandez: Just interviewed David Blue at TCA - he's on the new Stargagte but played Cliff on "Ugly Betty


TVTango: David Blue's character Eli allows for #STARGATEUNIVERSE to bring new audience members up to speed. #TCA #SYFY


thefutoncritic: Syfy at TCA: Grabbed Robert Cooper during the scrum, confirms 20-episode season will be split into 10-ep halves with TBA break between


TVGuideMagazine: Lou Diamond Phillips: Robert Carlyle's involvement to #SG:U helped seal the deal. Old friend Ming-Na "was a wonderful surprise to have" too


greghernandez: Spotted! Lou Diamond Phillips, on his way to TCA panel, signs autographs and poses for pics outside The Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa


HitFixDaniel: Lou Diamond Phillips on the panel for "Stargate: Universe" (also for "La Bamba" and Speidi questions).


SyFy: Brad says new viewers will be introduced to the Stargate world thru the eyes of @davidblues characters. And the panel is over.


SyFy: @msmingna said meeting all the fans at Comic-Con was a great experience and she felt like a rock star.


SyFy: Robert Carlyle said when he was called for the show his 1st reaction was, are u sure u called the right guy?Said the scripts sold him.


SyFy: @davidblue is bringing up quantum theory and The Big Bang theory. Nice David!


SyFy: Robert & Brad reiterated you won't see rubber-faced English-speaking aliens on SGU. And the 1st 10 eps are really about survival.


Tvsquad: Phillips joking about "I'm a Celebrity...": "I'm scarred for life."


SyFy: @msmingna said sometimes the actors don't even know where all the cameras are.


SyFy: Said emphasis is on the cast and letting great actors act. Characters will be heroes & villains at the same time.


SyFy: Says SGU will be character driven and hopefully bring new viewers in. Said the shooting style is more naturalistic.


Tvsquad: Phillips: "I'm grateful for BSG because, like Edward James Olmos, they needed a three-named ethnic guy."


Tvsquad: Cooper: The great thing about Stargate is that it takes place now. It's contemporary. Focusing less on the scifi and more on characters.


Tvsquad: Cooper wanted to make a show that was broader and more accesible to audiences. Not just science fiction


Tvsquad: HA! RT @ILTWkinon: Fire alarms during SyFy:  panel. If I die, tell my parents I was covering Iran.


Tvsquad: David Blue when fire alarm goes off "We're so hot, we're on fire." Wright mentions alarm went off during their initial pitch meeting in 1997


Tvsquad: Creators Wright and Cooper: Other than the stargate, a whole lot of other stuff is different from the other season.


Tvsquad: Lou Diamond Phillips, fresh off winning "I'm Trapped With Speidi on an Island", and Ming-Na are on the panel.


Tvsquad: Did I come close to getting that right, Stargate fans? Definitely more civilians than in the previous versions.


 televisionary: New viewers to the Stargate franchise, will have their answers about the basic mythology answered in the opening installment of SGU. #TCA


KateOH: #TCA I love Bob C. Cooper of the Stargate franchise, but it's weird seeing him when we're not in the bowels of an alien spacecraft


 televisionary: Firefly was an influence on Stargate Universe but really set the bar for a modern-day sci-fi series. #TCA


afterelton: TCA Stargate Universe: Yay! It's David Blue (Cliff from Ugly Betty) and he is utterly adorkable and hilarious.


televisionary: Coming up on Syfy: Stargate Universe, Caprica, Alice, and others... #Syfy #TCA


SyFy: Ran into @DavidBlue at breakfast. Looking forward to our Stargate Universe TCA panel later today, then an Alice panel, then an NBC party






TCA press tour: 'Stargate Universe' producers aim for 'Battlestar Galactica' quality

03:37 PM PT, Aug 5 2009


"Battlestar Galactica" envy? Maybe just a little.


On Saturday, the Television Critics Assn. named SyFy (formerly Sci Fi Channel) series "Battlestar Galactica" its program of the year, the organization's highest honor. So when the cast and creators of "Stargate Universe," the upcoming spinoff of the long-running "Stargate SG-1,"  took the stage today,  panelists promised a fresh, more "Battlestar"-like take on the space opera. 


"Make no mistake, 'Battlestar' is a quality show, and, yes, we want to make quality too," said creator Brad Wright.


"Stargate SG-1" ran for 15 seasons, but "Universe" will be something new. "Other than the Stargate [ship], which is still very much the core, a whole lot is different from the old series," creator Robert Cooper added.

Robert Carlyle, Ming-Na, Lou Diamond Phillips and David Blue star.


"SG-1" had gotten too self-referential and too far into their own mythologies, Cooper said, and "Universe" will be broader and more accessible to audiences who aren't just into science fiction. "What's great about 'Stargate' is that it's contemporary and doesn't just take place in a spaceship," he said.


"We're going to tell stories through the characters' eyes and emphasize their perspective," he explained. To that end, the creators hired Rohn Schmidt as director of photography; Schmidt's credits include the gritty look of "The Shield."


Other differences between "SG-1" and "Universe"? "That show had Edward James Olmos, so we needed a three-named ethnic guy," Phillips joked. Asked about his time on "NBC's "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here," a competition he won in spite of Speidi antics, Phillips said: "I'm scarred for life. Thank you."






2:40                STARGATE UNIVERSE panel up in 5 minutes.

2:50                [Comment From francis ] will Richard Dean Anderson make an appearance in stargate universe?

2:51                @francis: Sadly no.   Here's the line-up:Robert CarlyleMing-NaDavid BlueLou Diamond Philipsand Creators Brad Wright & Robert Cooper

2:55                Responding to a (false) fire alarm going off, Syfy suit Marc Stern quips, "I hate being PUNK'D."

2:55                [Comment From RichardB ] Richard Dean Anderson will apear on 5 episodes of SG-U. Robert Carlyle let this slip on an interview!

2:55                [Comment From francis ] but he is on IMDB as a cast for the show, will he be just a memory?

2:59        Brad Wright considers this in essence the "16th season of STARGATE." But there will be a lot more and different to it.

2:59        David Blue:   "I will proudly admit that I am a HUGE geek."

3:02        "The fire alarm went off 12 years ago when we were pitching STARGATE and we finished the pitch in the parking lot...so this is a good sign for us." - Wright, on the fire alarm yet again going off

3:04        "They needed a 3-named ethnic guy, like Edward James Olmos" - Lou Diamond Philips on his casting, name-checking the captain from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

3:06                [Comment From RichardB ] as long as he doesnt sing La Bamba on the show =)

3:06                @RichardB:   Well, the creators are promising some "different" things.   Let's just hope it's not THAT different.

3:07        The SG-U cast is handling the fire alarm situation here at with a decent amount of aplomb. Though they could imagine greater puns about it.Robert Carlyle's only contribution to the panel was this groaner: "Imagine silence."

3:07                [Comment From RichardB ] lol, indeed.

3:08        Lou Diamond Philips on I'M A CELEBRITY, GET ME OUT OF HERE: "I'm scarred for life...I would have preferred to be on a jungle set."

3:08                [Comment From Madwelshboy ] Hope they state how many episodes Ming Na and LDP are going to be in.

3:09                @Madwelshboy:   They are going to be series regulars.   No definitive number of episodes, but expect them to play a big part.

3:10        "No latex-faced, English-speaking aliens." - Brad Wright

3:11        "It's about how you realistically are going to get by...when you are trapped on a spaceship on the other side of the universe." - Robert Cooper

3:12        There was a note about a device which allows people on the ship to switch consciousnesses with people on Earth.   Hrmmm.

3:12                [Comment From RichardB ] realistically? it's gonna be boring! we need latex-faced, english speaking aliens!!!

3:12                @RichardB:   Robert Carlyle won't do? ;)

3:14        I've heard most of these soundbytes they are giving us are recycled from Comic-Con two weeks ago.   Wah wah...

3:14                [Comment From RichardB ] Yep, and doesnt even need latex to look alien =)

3:16                STARGATE UNIVERSE: http://www.tvtango.com/series/stargate_universeBATTLESTAR GALACTICA: http://www.tvtango.com/series/battlestar_galacticaI'M A CELEBRITY, GET ME OUT OF HERE: http://www.tvtango.com/series/im_a_celebrity_get_me_out_of_here_2009

3:17        "We honestly think that any new person to STARGATE UNIVERSE can watch the show and find out over the course of the first 2 hours, find out what a Stargate is." - WrightThe introduction of Eli (David Blue) serves as the new audience's perspective.  
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