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Chicago Stargate Atlantis/SG-1 Con #1: Blogs, photos, tweets & more

The following is a collection of links from livejournals, blogs, twitter, etc. on the Stargate Convention held in Chicago, IL on August 21-23, 2009


GUESTS: Joe Flanigan, Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell, Connor Trinneer, Michael Shanks, Gary Jones, Amanda Tapping


Excerpts are listed. Please visit links for full information. All links found via Google searches




  Michael *may* be filming another episode of Stargate Universe on his return from filming Arctic Blast in Tasmania

» The theme of Arctic Blast is similar to the disaster movie, The Day After Tomorrow

» Michael's wife, Lexa Doig, makes a brief appearance in the forthcoming fifth season of the WB series, Supernatural (confirmed on Lexa's twitter a few days ago)

Note, Creation Entertainment have also advised convention attendees that Michael is scheduled to appear at their 2010 Chicago Stargate convention, on the weekend of 27-29 August.


Day 1 (Gary Jones and Connor Trinneer)
The first guest speaker for the day was Gary Jones. He's a natural raconteur, which is good because when you're best known for playing "Chevron Guy," there's not much of a well for fans to plumb for questions (although a quick peek at IMDb shows he's been in a lot more things than I thought). In fact, he wound up taking only 3 questions the whole hour because each answer turned into a 20 minute stand-up routine.
Day 3 (Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion, and Joe Flanigan)
The hour went by way too fast. Joe is funny and articulate and very, very knowledgeable about show business as a business. And I think I may have mentioned something about him being ridiculously attractive. Because he is. I'm just glad I finally got to see him.



Oh right, so today we saw Rachel Luttrell and Paul McGillion, they were both really funny and entertaining as well. And Joe Flanigan came right from an exclusive fan meet and greet cocktail party and you could kind of tell :) but he was great too. James says he likes him best



Oh Michael Shanks, how wonderfully funny you are! He had us laughing hysterically at points and awwwwing at others. Michael came on stage in a handsomely tailored black suit and…no socks. Apparently, Michael forgot to pack them and didn’t realize that the hotel gift shop might sell them or that there was a Target a block away. But it didn’t matter! Bare ankles or not we love him anyway!



World's quickest con report on "Joe Sunday":



Pictures of feet. Really. It’s a fun post to read through!



Paul and Rachel, photos and notes


Chicago Day 1 (Gary Jones, Connor Trinneer)


Chicago Day 2- Well, half of it (Michael Shanks)


Chicago Day 2 – Completed! (Amanda, dessert party)


He Forgot Socks (Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, costumes)


Chicago Day 3 (Breakfast, Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell, Joe Flanigan)



Since I took like a million pictures, under each cut is my top 10 or so of each person and at the end of the post is the link for more. (and yup, there are!!)



For those of you who didn’t know already, I went to the Stargate: Atlantis convention today, special guests being Rachel Lutrell (Teyla), Paul McGillion (Carson) and the insanely sexy Joe Flanigan (Sheppard). And… okay… that was one of the best days of my life. And yes, I’m fully aware of how lame that sounds, but I don’t really care all that much because holy crap buckets that was one of the best days of my life.







Joe Flanigan



Paul McGillion and Rachel Luttrell on stage


Autographed coffee mug (Michael Shanks)



Connor Trinneer pics



A couple photos of Joe from the con



Rachel, Paul and Joe (three)



Funny  Michael Shanks photo



Gary Jones and more – click on link and then scroll UP








None yet, which isn’t surprising since con organizer bans them






AudraNicole: last day of the convention... sad but true... met Joe Flanigan... really hot guy... and he has cute pointy ears... LOVE THEM... and him...


rigelgg: Watching fan vids until Joe Flanigan takes the stage for his Q&A. Con is running late


WormholeRiders: Eating lunch before Joe Flanigan comes out for his Chicago debut. Right now he's doing an exclusive lunch with 9 people!


siantron: I had an fantastic time at the Stargate convention. Meeting Michael Shanks was AMAZING! I also enjoyed all the stories about @dhewlett. :D ·


hastiekido: checking Michael Shanks online ( tiny.cc/2OI03 ) for the latest con pics and stories, and then off to bed, goodnight, weltrusten! ·


khomel: Overheard at the con: "...ended up with 700 pictures of Michael Shanks..." Wowza..


wraithfodder: Friend called from Chicago Stargate con; said lunch w/Michael Shanks yesterday was fantastic! ·


WormholeRiders: twitpic.com/ezyd9 - Michael Shanks Chicago Stargate 2009!


khomel: @MsMingNa We've been talking about SG Universe at the stargate con in Chicago. Michael shanks says "watch it!" Can't wait! ·


Sleepyingb: Just saw michael shanks leaving the hotel ·


x5649: waiting for autographs from Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping #StargateConvention


rigelgg: Taking break from standing taking pics of Michael Shanks for an 1 1/2 hrs. Trying to recall the Q&A


 WormholeRiders: And the crowd goes silent, enthralled by Michael Shanks ... Or at least our reporrters have gone silent! LOL! :-P


Feather009: I love Michael Shanks :) Hes awesome at conventions :)


WormholeRiders: Play It Grand: "MS (Michael Shanks) in on stage now!


PlayItGrand: Feeling very tired after a long day of Gary Jones and Connor Trinneer! Pics soon to come! ·


WPAdmirer: Saw Connor Trinneer at the Con today in Chicago. OH HE IS SO GORGEOUS! (fans self) And I got a photo and an autograph! ·


WormholeRiders: twitpic.com/ezyox - Amazing Amanda Tapping, Chicago Stargate 2009!


rigelgg: Went to the dessert party last night w/Amanda Tapping, Gary Jones, & Dean Haglund


WormholeRiders: PlayItGrand: Is back from the dessert party and is pleased to have chatted with Amanda Tapping, Gary Jones, and Dean Haglund!


AudraNicole: met AMANDA TAPPING and MICHEAL SHANKS... they r amazing... got a picture with them... got it signed by amanda... the convention's GREAT.


Estellio: got a hug from the amazing and inspiring Amanda Tapping and got a hug and a kiss on the temple from the drop dead goregous Michael Shanks :3


kitsunehi13: Awww, Amanda Tapping is wonderful! She's so cute and spunky!!!


Dowhead: @dhewlett Amanda Tapping just told us(in Chicago) about your "wraith" song for "Starate Atlantis: The Musical"


Feather009: Amanda Tapping is also awesome on stage!! She is hilarious!! ·


azurite1: Listening to Amanda Tapping talk about Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Sanctuary




WormholeRiders: Heading back for Amanda Tapping! Short reports posted @ www.wormholeriders.com/blog . Pictures to follow soon! Promise


WormholeRiders: Play It Grand: "The auction is sooooo tempting....." Decides to eat a snack before Amanda Tapping starts in 35 minutes!


WormholeRiders: Play It Grand: "Rachel (Luttrell) is darling! Her son is here & asked for good Chicago places to visit: (suggested) Sears tower & Navy pier!


khomel: Just sat and chatted with Rachel Luttrell. What. Up.


AnasaziGal: Just met Paul McGillion and Rachel Luttrell (SG Atlantis) and more nice, nonweird fans at breakfast. Last day of con off to a great start!


Dowhead: Rachel Luttrell and Paul McGillion on stage :-)


bobmarleyspa13: Just meet Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion & Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis


rigelgg: Both Joe Flanigan&Paul McGillion literally walked & autographed to their awaiting car to the airport.


khomel: Rachel Luttrell and Paul McGillion on stage! post.ly/2hLO


PurloinedKitten: I got a High Five from Paul McGillion for thanking him for C**kblocking Kirk in Star Trek. #GQMF


majorsamfan: In Rachel Luttrell & Paul McGillion panel.


WormholeRiders: Play It Grand is up and slowly getting ready for the Breakfast attended by Paul McGillion and Rachel Lutrell, and to check out of the hotel!


NZ_Jackie: Just paid for my Paul McGillion Dinner, have $8 to last until this time next week, but SOOOOO totally worth it!!!!



AudraNicole: last day of the convention... sad but true... met Joe Flanigan... really hot guy... and he has cute pointy ears... LOVE THEM... and him


 WormholeRiders: Play It Grand: "Joe Flanigan was very funny but he's in hot water with fans over his "the actors don't matter" comment a few months back!"


khomel: Joe Flanigan on stage! post.ly/2iLk


Dowhead: Joe Flanigan said I have a strong handshake :-)


xleecrowx: @CreationEnt Had a great time at the Stargate Con in Chicago over the weekend. Loved the new stage setup with the screens on both sides!

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