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Stargate Atlantis receive 5 Gemini Nominations

From The GEMINI AWARDS website (they're like the Canadian version of the Emmys)


Showing 5 nominations for: Stargate Atlantis

Synopsis: Colonel Samantha Carter mounts a rescue mission to retrieve the missing team. There is mixed reaction to the appointment of I.O.A. representative Richard Wollsey as her replacement. Dr. McKay will face some exceedingly difficult personal challenges while Teyla learns to integrate motherhood with her role as warrior. Ronan's past will again return to threaten him, Dr. Jennifer Keller will find help from a most unlikely source. A provisional relationship with the Wraith takes a shocking turn and new adversaries will rest everyone's courage and resolve.

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series
The Shrine” – Brad Wright

Best Costume Design
The Queen” - Valerie Halverson

Best Achievement in Make-Up
Vegas” – Todd Masters, Leah Ehman, Holland Miller, Brad Proctor, Kyla Rose Tremblay

Best Visual Effects

Enemy at the Gate” - Mark Savela, Brenda Campbell, Natalia Diaz, Carina Dielissen Hunt, Shannon Gurney, Paul Hegg, Vivian Jim, Chandra Juhasz, Kodie MacKenzie, Alex McClymont
First Contact” - Mark Savela, Jason Gross, Paul Hegg, Brandon Hines, Jamie Yukio Kawano, Alex McClymont, Krista McLean, James Rorick, Luke Vallee

Eh, just why is Sheppard always left out of the synopsis? They even did it on the DVD box set for season five. Does someone at MGM not like Sheppard or what? Sigh.
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