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David Nykl and The Beast from Bottomless Lake

Still not out. Darn. But... you can ask questions of Kennedy Goodkey, the writer/actor of the movie.

at http://ogopogomovie.blogspot.com/2009/08/quick-cry-for-help.html

Here's the preview of the show:"Kennedy Goodkey, one of the actors in the new independent movie The Beast of Bottomless Lake will discuss Ogopogo, being a skeptic in the not-so-skeptical acting community,and what it’s like to shoot a movie in a town where the tourism industry is built on the perpetuation of a myth."

If anyone can come up with a question, go to their home page and email it in to the show.


yeah, I asked about David Nykl, and when it would be out. Looks like it will occur September 4th if I read the site correctly.
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