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And that sucking sound you hear is the black hole of emptiness that is the Fall TV season

The fall TV Guide arrived today, and at first I thought, a clothing catalog, as well, it's just so, gah, BLAND! I mean, it reminds me of what they did to the local supermarket's flyer that falls out of the newspaper.

Anyway, it's just pale, and again, all the photos are basically the same, so the spread for "Melrose Place" doesn't seem much different for ABC's remake of "V", which I totally missed the first time as really, where are the lizards, the aliens? Why is everyone standing around a swimming pool in formal wear???

I yawn as I flip past vampire shows. We're going to be buried in them. Yes, bad pun ;)

Okay, let's zip through the guide...

.Page 24 - TRAUMA
I love medical dramas, but they're all soap operas nowadays. Somehow, I think this will be the same. Critic says the pyrotechnics are good but the 'tedious melodrama flatlines.' Ouch!

Really enjoyed Julianna Margulies on ER but gah, didn't I suffer through enough 'politician cheats on wife' stuff in the news for the last several years. Sigh.

Christian Slater has a new show? I had no idea. Um, I sorta think the title could be a premonition, especially with a 10pm slot on ABC. Kiss of death.

The evil that men do comes back to haunt them. Enough said. Remakes of trash. Gah.

I'm sorry, I really am, but I'm rewatching it again on CBS at this very minute and well, it does zip for me. The chemistry between characters is just nada, and I must refrain from making any snarky comments about some actor's 'acting' ability (or lack thereof).

Page 37 "V"
Okay, aliens invader earth, etc. and everybody's lounging around a swimming pool in formal attire. Makes no sense. However, since Joel Gretsch is in the show, but alas, NOT in the picture (darn darn!) I shall check it out. And I do tend to check out scifi shows, and I can't see it being as awful as the NBC series (not miniseries) became. May draw in some Stargate SG-1 fans as Morena Baccarin (Adria) toplines.

Page 40 MERCY
ANother medical melodrama, this time with nurses. "Ludicrous potboiler" says the critic.

Gah, spare me this inanity!!!

page 48 EASTWICk
Okay, I may check this out. Paul Gross (Fraser from DUE SOUTH) is in it, but more importantly, Jamie Ray Newman, who appeared as Cadman in Stargate Atlantis and she's just grown on me in EUREKA. I'm not at all much for the plot. Couldn't get through movie, but might manage a show. Oh wait, is it against CSI NY??

I'll give it a try, but... these bizarre time shows usually don't last long, and I have this awful feeling I'll be picking the nits to death on this one, but I'll give it one shot.

I like Alex O'Loughlin but sounds like soapy medical show and I'm not sure how far you can drag out a show about just transplants.

Ah, Midseason looks a bit better

THE BRIDGE, a Canadian import, will show. I'll watch nearly any Canadian import just once.

If you get that channel, check out DURHAM COUNTY, which begins series 1 on September 7th. Stars Hugh Dillon (from FLASHPOINT) and for Stargate Unviverse fans, Justin Louis, who is going by his real name  Luis Ferreira, which I think will confuse some fans to no end. Anyway, it's a very dark and brooding series, but luckily ION tv is going to show series 2 after series 1 (six episodes) ends, so you don't sit there for half a year or a year waiting!

So, well, I'll probably watch the CSI shows, although MIAMI has gotten so soapy I think I'll be bailing, alas :( . I'm thinking the ONLY new network show that really looks worth investing time in is "V". And I'll check out Stargate Universe on SyFy - can't recall if TV Guide put out that issue with syndicated fare yet; might have and it might have been just forgettable, but will definitely be watching DURHAM COUNTY. Ah, wait, that's against CSI MIAMI. Bye bye, Miami!

Sooooo.... thank goodness for five seasons of EMERGENCY! which will be more fun than the aforementioned medical messes, and Stargate Atlantis  and SG-1, and various movies, and oh yes, must remember to buy SUPERNATURAL season whatever (4, right?)

Note: Changed 'hissing noise' in subject line to 'sucking sound' on folks' advice. Yeah, that' the phrase I was looking for!

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