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Wait, wait - more on the Fall TV Season!

My post before this was about new shows on network, as i poked through the TV Guide. I neglected returning shows and other channels.

Returning shows. I'll watch the CSIs, although Miami is an, 'eh' cuz I think something else will be against it. Oh yeah. DURHAM COUNTY. Hugh Dillon vs. David Caruso. Sorry, Dave...

Ah, smacks self with dead trout. I will continue watching BIG BANG THEORY, but wish they'd left it on earlier in the evening. The guys are coming back from the North Pole. This should be fun.

NCIS. Of course! :)

Damn, can't remember what else is on. Yeah, TV is that exciting. Maybe they'll do a series 2 of MONSTERS INSIDE ME about parasites. That was fun. Really, it was. very interesting, although you'd never want to step outside your door again after watching it ;)

And then there's Stargate Universe....

Despite my misgivings about the show, I'll give it a whirl. So far, the promotional stuff I have seen, the trailers I've watched, don't scream "must see TV." For one thing, I've never been a fan of the shaky 'documentry' camera style they've used in some of the trailers. Didn't care for it when it first came out on NYPD BLUE and still don't. Secondly, a lot of the stuff out so far screams there's a bit of copying of Battlestar Galactica. Not the plot, of course, but the arc stuff, and 'dark and edgy'. Speaking of dark, I said it would be due to a lack of lightbulbs and gah, everything is dark. Heck, Caine's kwoon on Kung Fu: TLC was better lit! ;) I do like what I've seen the of the cast - having seen Carlyle and Diamond Phillips in other stuff, but... the stuff with body swapping, the communications device which means they're not really on their own - they can call home. It seems TPTB are backtracking on the show standing on its own and a real survival situation, and have cast every Stargate SG-1 main actor (RDA, Tapping, Shanks, Gary Jones). No sign of Chris Judge though, or Ben Browder...

And I still miss Stargate Atlantis, and don't see any sign of it being mentioned or cast members appearing in SGU at all.

There was an 'article' on Gateworld about Michael Shanks telling fans to watch SGU. I can't fault any actor for wanting fans to watch a show. If SGU succeeds, it means the SG market is still there and before we're all old and gray, we'll get SG1 and SGA movies... we hope. But most fans can make up their own mind. I can understand fans loving the idea of a new show, or hating it, or being ambivalent about. Trouble is that when you go to boards like GW, it ends up more like the town hall meeting on health care that I attended tonight, in which what you think are otherwise intelligent adults acting like ill-tempered brats. Now I remember why I stopped attending town meetings. 

But I still want more Stargate Atlantis. *Off to stare at 'teh hair' picture of Joe Flanigan.*
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