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Stargate Atlantis Comics news

News on the Stargate Atlantis comics! Here's a quote:

EXCERPT from blog: Like Jerwa on "SG-1," Murray's plans for "Atlantis" involve picking up the show's threads as a "Season 6" for the cast of characters. "I pick up in issue #0 right where the show left off, with the Atlantis in San Francisco harbor and the crew having a break. That break turns to something else when a problem rears its ugly head—and that’s the basis of the opening story," Murray said, noting that the first arc of the series will take place entirely on Earth before space-bound adventures overtake the cast.

“I am trying to deal with some evolution of the characters—I get into the relationship between Rodney and Keller, and the one between Sheppard and Ronon," Murray added. He wishes to wrap dangling threads from the series in a character-specific sense. "Like anyone else, I have my favorites in the cast. Sheppard and McKay will remain as the central characters, with Ronon as the action guy. I’ll do a little more with Ronon than they’ve done on the show in recent days, and I’m sure I’ll bring in a couple of new characters. There’s a young lady named Larrin that appeared in a few episodes that I have my eye on—she’ll have something to do when the Atlantis—and Sheppard-- return to the Pegasus galaxy."

And with a return to space, fans of "Atlantis" can expect to see some big name villains over the course of the series, though many of them may not appear immediately. "Well, the Wraith are still out there—and as Atlantis left the Pegasus Galaxy when it did, we don’t really know what happened to them—or how they will evolve now that their basic life chemistry has been changed,” Murray hinted. “We also know that the Replicators are still out there—although not as powerfully as before. I think I can use them—in different ways—to tell some interesting stories. And there are a lot of races we haven’t even discovered yet. Who says the Atlantis even goes back to the same planet it was on?"

Rest of nice lengthy blog entry, on Stargate SG-1 comic as well, at http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=22790

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