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Forever Knight marathon with David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Sep 7th

Yes, the cable channel Chiller is doing a Forever Knight marathon on Labor Day (isn't this something SyFy should do??) Anyway, there are some Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis alum in a few, including David Hewlett's great performance as another whacko character :) 

Forever Knight - Dark Knight, Pt. I
Mon, Sep 07, 6:00 AM   /    CHILL 168
A series of homeless people are found with their blood drained, and then a museum guard dies the same way as a Mayan artifact that Nick was counting on to make him human again vanishes; Nick's new partner is an obnoxious detective.

Nicole de Boer (SGA)


Forever Knight - Dark Knight, Pt. II
Mon, Sep 07, 7:00 AM   /    CHILL 168
Nick suspects his vampire mentor Lacroix is behind the homeless murders, and he has to find the truth about Lacroix and the killer while he holds back sensitive information from his new partner in an effort to protect himself and his friends.

Nicole de Boer (SGA)


Forever Knight - For I Have Sinned
Mon, Sep 07, 8:00 AM   /    CHILL 168
A serial killer targets young women in the same parish, and Nick must overcome his antipathy to the Church to catch the murderer as he recalls a 15th-century French peasant girl who rejected his offer of immortality in favor of the Church's version.

Christina Cox (SG1/SGA)


Forever Knight - Last Act
Mon, Sep 07, 9:00 AM   /    CHILL 168
Everyone except Nick thinks a young woman killed herself, and as he tries to prove she was murdered he recalls his list of unsolved cases and then ponders the real suicide of a friend from centuries past while deciding whether to follow suit.

Torri Higginson (SGA)


Forever Knight - Dance by the Light of the Moon
Mon, Sep 07, 10:00 AM   /    CHILL 168
When Nick tracks down a lovely woman who has been amusing herself by using her powers of attraction to convince men to commit crimes, it soon becomes evident that he is in danger of meeting the same fate as the others in spite of his own powers.

Patrick McKenna (SGA)


Forever Knight - Dying to Know You
Mon, Sep 07, 11:00 AM   /    CHILL 168
A psychic who is called in to find the kidnapped wife and daughter of a wealthy philanthropist thinks that the flashes of Nick's other life she's seeing are a sign she's going crazy, and Nick debates whether to tell her the truth about himself.

Christina Cox (SG1/SGA)


Forever Knight - False Witness
Mon, Sep 07, 12:00 PM   /    CHILL 168
Nick feels so guilty over a man who was killed in a sting operation that he lies about having seen the trigger pulled, and then he recalls the time he watched a woman's perjured testimony convict a man of a crime Nick knew a vampire had committed.

No SG guest stars spotted in credits but Rainbow Sun Francks mother is in it


Forever Knight - Cherry Blossoms
Mon, Sep 07, 1:00 PM   /    CHILL 168
Nick needs to find the critically wounded woman who was the target of a mob shooting in Chinatown, but the acupuncturist who is hiding her recognizes Nick as the monster who killed his mother many years ago and refuses to trust him.

No SG guest stars spotted in credits


Forever Knight - I Will Repay
Mon, Sep 07, 2:00 PM   /    CHILL 168
After a shooting at the police station Natalie begs Nick to turn her dying brother into an immortal and reminds him of a leper for whom he did the same thing several centuries ago, but he remembers that the previous outcome wasn't a happy one.

No SG guest stars spotted in credits


Forever Knight - Dead Air  [DAVID HEWLETT]
Mon, Sep 07, 3:00 PM   /    CHILL 168
After a talk-radio psychiatrist receives a series of on-air calls in which the caller is murdering women she helps Nick hunt for the perpetrator, saying that she thinks the killer is after her, while Schanke pores over psychiatric records.

David Hewlett (SGA)


Forever Knight - Hunters  [RACHEL LUTTRELL]
Mon, Sep 07, 4:00 PM   /    CHILL 168
A killer stalks and murders one of Schanke's former partners and then blows up the motel room where Schanke has been hiding, so Janette stashes him at her nightclub while remembering a time when she, Nick and Lacroix were the hunted.

Rachel Luttrell (SGA)


Forever Knight - Dead Issue
Mon, Sep 07, 5:00 PM   /    CHILL 168
Inspector Fiore's wife confesses to the police that she shot her lover in self-defense, but the other parties to her affair all have possible motives and not everyone is convinced of her story, so Nick gets on the case.

No SG guest stars


Forever Knight - Father Figure
Mon, Sep 07, 6:00 PM   /    CHILL 168
When a man is killed in what appears to be a mob hit, the only witness is a little girl who winds up under Nick's protection, and she reminds him of a time during World War II when he and his friends cared for an English lad.

No SG guest stars


Forever Knight - Spin Doctor
Mon, Sep 07, 7:00 PM   /    CHILL 168
After a reporter tracking a mayoral race is found dead in his hotel room and his girlfriend is later found dead as well, Nick tries to investigate rumors of a sex scandal involving one of the candidates without turning the probe into a witch hunt.

Patrick McKenna (SG1)


Forever Knight - Dying for Fame
Mon, Sep 07, 8:00 PM   /    CHILL 168
A pop star whose new video contains simulations of her killing off several of her fans finds herself in a predicament when a fan's body is found in her hotel room after she leaves, and Nick recalls his time at Woodstock as he investigates the case.

No SG guest stars


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