wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Disasters in housework

No good deed goes unpunished.

Went back to Ikea to return a rug I bought (see previous Ikea entry). It was a nice rug, but... too white. Well, too white with a DOG. So I went back looking for a darker color. Nope, didn't see one. Figured I'd escaped with a refund. Ha! ANother lamp, base for decorate glass sphere I got last time, more towels, and geez, a stuffed weasel. They weren't there a couple weeks ago and as stuffed toys go, quite cute and well, cheap too. It sits on top of the chair now.

Anyway, spent half the day vacuuming and cleaning. Baby Godzilla is gone. I noticed him missing from the family grouping of Godzillas atop the TV... either the cat got him or the nephews/nieces the last time they were here. Darn. I'll have to see if anybody else has the tiny Godzillas.... 

Now to tackle Xmas cards. ARGH!!!!

UPDATE: Piccie below of the new weasel with the godzillas, plus that's the Ikea illuminated wreath which is really quite cool. Too bad when I put it up I knocked the clock off the wall. Blast. Back to Ikea after the holidays to get a new clock.

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