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DragonCon 2009 Link Compilation #1: Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion etc.

Dragon Con – September 4-7, 2009 in Atlanta, GA


Guests include Stargate Atlantis actors Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell

Stargate SG-1 actors Ben Browder, Claudia Black

Included are links to blog entires by fans, videos, photos, and twitters! (oops those must go to next post)

But first, some more CHICAGO August ’09 Stargate con coverage!


Someone did up a transcript of Michael Shanks recent appearance at the Chicago (August) Stargate convention. You can find it in two parts at http://buefo.livejournal.com/10263.html



Connor Trinneer


Amanda Taping


Rachel Luttrell & Paul McGillion


Joe Flanigan


Michael Shanks


Onward to the first compilation, found via Google and other search engines.






DRAGONCON: Day 1 - Draco Draco Draco...

At 11:30 I went to see the Atlantis people of which only Paul McGillion showed up for. Joe... does Joe have a last name? It's escaping me at the moment. Anyway. You know... Joe. Joe and ... FLANIGAN. Anyway. Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa and Rachel Lutrell were apparently not here yet. So, as much fun as Paul is, that was kind of disappointing. But... because I've already seen Paul. I still love you, Paul. ::pats Paul consolingly:: (bunch of autographed photos)



Tour Day 10: Costumes and coconuts

Pretty much the only thing DragonCon didn't have today was my celebrity crush Joe Flanigan, star of Stargate: Atlantis.




This afternoon we had the first Stargate Multiverse panel, attended by Gary Jones and Colin Cunningham for SG-1, and Rachel Lutrell, Jason Momoa, Paul McGillion, and Joe Flanigan for Stargate Atlantis. RadioStar and I suspect that many fans expected Ben Browder and Claudia Black to attend this panel as well, but they waited for the following Farscape panel to make their appearances with Virginia Hey and Lani Tupu.



DragonCon- Friday Day 2

My first event, while RadioStar was off running very important errands, was supposed to be a Stargate Atlantis panel attended by Paul McGillion, Rachel Lutrell, Joe Flanigan, and Jason Momoa. Instead, due to scheduling and flight problems, we had a Paul McGillion panel!




Afterward PlayItGrand and I went to get in line for the SG-1 Supergate panel. It was great! Ben Browder, Gary Jones and Colin Cunningham. FANTASTIC! We were laughing so hard! Don’t worry, we’ll give you the full report later!



Ben, Gary and Colin bust up DragonCon audiences!

Hey DragonCon Fans, here’s a sneak peek of our DragonCon news coverage with a bit of Ben Browder, Gary Jones and Colin Cunningham from Friday’s Stargate Supergate Panel taken by RadioStar & PlayItGrand! Our video team is working hard on lots more video news from DragonCon, so stand by!



DragonCon – Day 2

Still, enormous crowds aside, much fun is being had. Guys, the Stargate panel this afternoon was HILARIOUS. I can't even remember everything that was funny because it was ALL funny. It was basically an hour of them riffing on each other and telling jokes. Exhibt A: Rachel was late, and she called Joe to figure out where everyone was, and he answered the phone right there at the table and put it on speaker. He played it up for us, of course, but still - ridiculously funny. Or somehow Carson's death came up and Joe basically said, "Yeah, killed by an exploding tumor," in a completely snarky way, which endears him to me forever. Seriously, stupidest way to kill someone EVER. Joe is definitely a troublemaker in just about every way, including with the bosses, and I now thouroughly appreciate that. Joe and Jason talking about working at Denny's when asked about future projects was also a highlight.



Dragon Con continues

My cheeks hurt from all of the laughing during the Stargate Atlantis panel. I was surprised by how funny Joe F. is and by the camaraderie between Joe and Paul and Rachel and Jason. Rachel, who was late and called Joe while he was on stage (and he put her on speaker for us) to have someone come get her, is quite patient. They're naughty and they kept forgetting that they were on Dragoncon TV so I'm sure some young ears heard some age inappropriate stuff.






yaboiksar: @wraithfodder I put up a short clip of one of the panels I recorded if ya want to see: digg.com/u1C5MT






Joe Flanigan and…er…



Just a costume photo that must be seen to be believed! A stormtrooper in a kilt!



Paul and Rachel on stage



parade photos with fans in costume








SG Support panel


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