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DragonCon 2009 Link Compilation #3: Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion etc.

Dragon Con – September 4-7, 2009 in Atlanta, GA. Here's the third (3rd) compilation :)

Guests include Stargate Atlantis actors Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell

Stargate SG-1 actors Ben Browder, Claudia Black

Included are links to blog entires by fans, videos, photos, and twitters.




We were very surprised and excited to make it into the Stargate panel, which included Jason Momoa, Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion, Gary Jones, and Colin Cunningham. One of the guys had forgotten to pick up Rachel on the way; she called Joe as he settled in at the table and he shared their conversation, during which she yelled at him for leaving her behind.  She arrived not long after, amidst cheers.  Jason stood on a chair and posed for his many female fans to appreciate him – I admit to screaming along – and confirmed soon after that he indeed entered the acting profession for the women.  Joe revealed that his acting prompt came from being fired from every other job, and Jason assured him that they both were guaranteed a job after Atlantis; Jason would be a manager at Denny’s, and Joe was already hired.  ”Finally,” Jason laughed. “I’ll get to be the boss.”   One audience member asked if any of the panel read Stargate fanfiction, making particular reference to slash. Joe chuckled uncomfortably and shook his head: “No, and I don’t think I will.”  When Rachel joined them, Joe repeated the question, without mentioning slash.  She beamed at the fans before purring into her mike:  ”Every ten minutes.”  Colin spoke of his uncoming work in the television series Living in Your Car, and Gary countered with his probable gig operating a security camera at Paul’s house.  Paul spent a few minutes denying an accusation from Rachel that he has a hand in the administration of his MySpace page. “If it has pictures of him modeling, he does,” she insisted with a smile.

A fan asked, what is like on set? Rachel yelled, “Hell!” before Joe admitted, “David and I get chastised for joking around too much on set.  Rachel is usually the punching bag.  She’s a good sport about it.”  Jason snorted.  ”That’s because she getting old.”  Rachel demonstrated her physical prowess immediately by jumping out of her chair and chasing him out of his.  Joe returned to harping on about David: “He has to outdo everyone.”  After a particularly stressful day on set, David had insisted on pouting more than usual, and when Joe and Jason were driving off, David pulled up next to them, unaware they were beside him and completely involved in himself until he saw Jason’s bare butt saluting him.  Jason nearly caused a riot when he stood up and turned around to demonstrate, but disappointed the howling crowd when he maintained his professionalism and kept his pants up.  The hour long panel discussion, however, was anything but disappointing.  It is clear that this group does more than breathe life into great science fiction; they have a visible chemistry and shared joy in their calling that seems effortless and satisfying.



Yes, that's right. Before leaving DragonCon, I achieved my last goal today: meeting Joe Flanigan. For those who have been asking, Joe was the star of the TV show Stargate: Atlantis, where he played the witty, kickass military leader of a research base in another galaxy. (There is no part of that last sentence that isn't awesome, fyi). Joe was one of the celebrities in the big signing hall at DragonCon, and those reading my blog know I've had some difficulties in finding him.




Actor Paul McGillion is known to many sci-fi fans as Doctor Carson Beckett from Stargate Atlantis.  McGillion, a perennial fan favorite and a regular—in odd-numbered years—attendee of Dragon*Con, took a few minutes to talk to the Daily Dragon.

 Daily Dragon (DD):  What was the biggest surprise in being involved with Stargate Atlantis?

 Paul McGillion (PM):  The biggest surprise in being involved with Atlantis was I guess initially, for me, I was signed on as a recurring character in season one and then shortly thereafter they had (the episode) “Poisoning the Well,” they decided the fan base was responding well to the character.  The producers brought me into the office and said, “We love what you’re doing and we’d love to bring you on as a regular.  We can’t do it this year but we’ll do it next year.”  And they did.  So as an actor […] you don’t know when you’re recurring; it might be a couple of episodes here and there or something but then boom, 17 episodes in the first season and then you become a regular in the series so that was a big surprise, a very good, great surprise. REST AT LINK ABOVE

Interview with JOE FLANIGAN
This year is Stargate Atlantis star Joe Flanigan’s first year at Dragon*Con. I sat down with Joe to get his thoughts on his co-stars and the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis, as well as his views on a variety of matters.
Daily Dragon (DD): First of all, I’ve read in several places that Ben Browder was the producers’ first choice to play the part of John Sheppard on Atlantis. What is your response to that, given that the two of you ended up playing opposite each other in the Stargate SG-1 episode “The Pegasus Project”?
Joe Flanigan (JF): That’s the first time I’ve heard that. I think they made the right choice. I know that there were a number of Canadian actors that they wanted because they’re Canadian. I think that because we’re owned by MGM and SyFy, both of whom I had a relationship with, I think they wanted me. REST AT LINK ABOVE


DragonCon 2009

In the Hall, I saw Lou Ferrigno, Tom Felton(Draco), Cristine Rose and Malcolm McDowell from Heroes. They'd let you take pics away from the tables, if you didn't get in the way or let the star know you were taking pics. Except for Malcolm and Mary McConnell. They stopped me from taking pics of them. I saw Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis, Richard Hatch, Kate Vernon, guy that played Gaeta, Michael Trucco all from BSG.







Video of Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa on panel – on phone with Rachel, who doesn’t know where the panel is.1.23 minutes. Cute!

New video with Colin Cunningham, Gary Jones & Ben Browder





Photos of Claudia Black







rebellionbarbie: ...omg I met Ben Browder.


rebellionbarbie: You all hate me. You know why? I just got a pic and talked to Ben Browder. Like, shook his hand and everything. I'm so squealy right now omg


LisaMeece108: Dan and I both got hugs from Ben Browder! I had to ask...but he just volunteered the hug for Dan. SUPERSQUEE!


sorchamorrigan: Still wondering why Ben Browder was staring at me in yesterday's panel


richstephens: Had fun at DragonCon yesterday. Saw nearly the entire cast of Stargste Atlantis, got Ben Browder's and Anthony Daniels' (C3PO) autographs.


elsewyse: Just got Ben Browder & Claudia Black's autograph, & shook Browder's hand. 'Scuze me, I'll be needing a fainting couch now


GreenEggsNSamm: Just interviewed Claudia Black!! Who popped in? Ben Browder!!!!!


scifigirl: Ben Browder: "I somehow found my soul brother in Chris Judge, which, if you know him is a scary proposition." #dragoncon


hollywoodgrrl: Ben Browder: "I teach high school track & field." Girls pole vaulting. Wat?! LOLOLOL. #dragoncon


chi1013: In line for autograph for @feliciaday. Ben browder totally cut in line to get autograph. Wonder if he paid...


lawnmowerelf: Nothing quite like watching Claudia Black & Virginia Hey talk about Ben Browder's ass right in front of him. Comedy gold


hollywoodgrrl: Ben Browder: " I don't think my butt counts as an episode." At the Farscape panel. #dragoncon


hollywoodgrrl: And now ladies & gents, it's time for Ben Browder & Claudia Black!!!!!!


@SoGoPro: twitpic.com/gm6oe - Ben Browder of Farscape and Stargate SG1. Also a North Carolina native, supporting SoGoPro


NYAnimeFool: Ben Browder neither denies nor confirms ever signing his own ass


amezri: At the Walk of Fame. Got something signed by Ben Browder and waiting in line for Michael Trucco.


TheSciFiChick: Just met @DRayburn and taking a short break before going to see Ben Browder & Claudia Black


WormholeRiders: twitpic.com/glhnh - Ok already! One more for Ben Browder fans! But no more drooling, pull... ease! LOL! Here he is at the #SuperG


 WormholeRiders: twitpic.com/glfwz - And now by popular demand, a #DragonCon Ben 'fest'! Ben Browder of #Stargate #SG1 & #Farscape @ #DragonCon At


WormholeRiders: twitpic.com/glf3c - From #DragonCon #Supergate panel with Gary Jones, Ben Browder & Colin Cunningham of #Stargate #SG1


velvacarter: Ben Browder's interview is in the can. I was a true Fan Girl and he was the perfect guest!!!


GreenEggsNSamm: Ben Browder LOVED our costumes!!! 1812 & One Eye. Pictures to come!!!


ClaudiaBOnline: More HQ pictures of Claudia Black at Dragon*Con 09. Stargate Supergate panel. bit.ly/F8G1r #fb


roxybisquaint: Not #tscc - Got to meet Claudia Black today. I love you #dragoncon


inaneenglish: Annual Con embarrassment quota exceeded: RAN INTO Claudia Black in the Hyatt. #dragoncon


neon_green: High quality pictures of Claudia Black and the Farscape cast at Dragon*Con 2009. bit.ly/IhF9V #fb


lhebben: Waiting for last Farscape panel of DragonCon 2009. First time I will get to see Claudia Black and Ben Browder


GreenEggsNSamm: Backstage talking to Claudia Black before the Farscape panel!


@ClaudiaBOnline High quality pictures of Claudia Black and the Farscape cast at Dragon*Con 2009. bit.ly/IhF9V #fb


yaboiksar: Part 1 of the Paul McGillion panel is being uploaded to youtube right now. #stargate #dragoncon


TehKimber: twitpic.com/gvhlw - @dhewlett Here's a message from Paul McGillion at DragonCon


Bluesolis: twitpic.com/gu21q Paul McGillion



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