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DragonCon 2009 Link Compilation #4: Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion etc.

And more blog entries are showing up for DragonCon 2009 (September 4-7 in Atlanta, GA) with Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGilion, Ben Browder, Colin Cunningham, Claudia Black and more.

Once again, links to blogs, livejournals, videos, photos and more found via publicly accessible internet searches Excerpts posted, clicks on links for full entries. Enjoy!





I followed the Nimoy shoot with ones with Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen) and Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie) of Twilight (which was why I’d chosen to dress like Alice Cullen)… and then Joe Flanigan (John Sheppard) and Paul McGillion (doing a Zoolander face) of Stargate Atlantis. (The following day, I was able to get Paul and Joe to sign my photo and have a little more time to talk to them. Both very nice, and Paul is a total ham. His various expressions in everyone’s photos were a riot.)



Dragon*Con 2009 is over
No real report except to say I had a riot with my friends, which is the best, first reason to go to Dragon*Con. (The second reason is the non-stop party, all day, all night - with costumes; the third is the non-stop drinking that goes with it.) I shopped a lot and had my usual star moments. This year's are easy to sum up. I got autographs, greetings, and/or handshakes from the following: Garrett Wang - a sweetie; Malcome MacDowell -- as awesome and creepy as I'd expected; Gareth David-Lloyd -- cute as a collie pup; Joe Flanigan -- smart and very tanned; Nimoy and Shatner -- old and, after having signed a zillion autographs in their lives, kinda grumpy.



Ok, the big dragon*con post

Ok, the first thing for me was the Stargate: Atlantis panel on Friday. Paul McGillion was the only one who had shown up. Apparently Joe's agent got the dates mixed up so he was still in the air when the panel started. Jason and Rachel weren't expected till Saturday. Paul did a great job though and that's saying something. He had to talk for an hour all by himself up there and he was hilarious. This is one of the three panels I was able to record so video will come later.
Heather and I went straight from that panel to the autograph room to meet Paul. I have to say, I've always liked his character, Carson Beckett, but I never really paid too much attention to him. He pretty much blew me away how nice and charming he was. He took his time with each person and really sat and just talked with everyone. I was really there to see Joe, but I ended up liking the time I spent with Paul and seeing him in the panels the most. He really is a great guy. And he's a teacher! Kudos for that bigtime.



Dragoncon 2009

Went to SG: Atlantis panel at 11:30, which due to flight delays ended up being the Paul McGillion panel, which I had no problem with.  That man is dead sexy, and when he uses his scottish accent, he could melt butter by walking into the room.



Sunday was an exciting and busy day for WormholeRiders. We started early, hitting the Walk of Fame at 10:00 to drop off our questions and schedule an interview with Gary Jones.


Dragon*Con in 45 seconds

Well, I shook his hand. But I TOUCHED HIM. And he asked about my Finger-Quotin' Margo t-shirt and let me take a picture of him and his hair, which was in rare form.



Back from DragonCon and I had a great time. This year I went to several different traks, which was a good choice, I think. I was in row 7 for Nimoy and Shatner. It was terrific! I'm so glad that I got to see that. I saw Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) from Torchwood on a panel and an SGA panel with Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Rachel Luttrel and Paul McGillion. In the latter panel, they were such boys! Poor Rachel must have put up with a lot. Besides being late because no one came to get her (and called the panel!), she sang and has a lovely voice. Joe and Jason are really good looking men, very pretty. I saw a Farscape panel with Caudia Black and Ben Browder and I must say that both of them come across as very professional and at ease on the panels.



Dragoncon 2009 - We went, We Saw, We had a blast

Then Katie went to see a panel by voice actors (which she said was great and funny), while I went to line up for the Stargate Multiverse panel - the line already stretched outside and around the side of the building but luckily we were in shade. I think the line eventually wrapped around the building, but I think they got everyone in - it was an enormous room. Joe Flanigan was a little late - he'd had to pack and check out since he was leaving that day - and everyone teased him about that. The panel had Jason, Paul, Ben, Claudia, Rachel and Joe, and they were all funny and - fortunately - didn't get any really stupid questions. We learned a lot about Jason's practical jokes! It was a great panel and lots of fun.



Dragon*Con: Day 2

Also, David spotted Joe Flanigan on his way to the autograph room. They were traveling in pretty much the same direction, and so David was able to get a close enough look to know it was, in fact, Joe Flanigan. According to David, he is surprisingly short, really, really f**king thin, and his hair totally hates him. David said it was sticking out to one side like "an aircraft carrier's runway, waiting for a plane to land". OK? And no, David didn't try to talk to him or anything. We just don't DO that.



Dragon*Con: Day 3

I'm very glad that I did go to the panel, because it was fun meeting some of the other fans in line, and hearing the actors talk about Stargate and their various other projects while sharing tidbits of their lives. Here are some of my favorite bits:
Joe Flanigan was late. All the actors were in their chairs, waiting for Joe. Rachel called him and put her phone on speaker and held it up to the microphone. Joe assured us he was "right around the corner" and would be there shortly. And then Paul McGillion and Jason Momoa said, "Don't cheer for him when he finally shows up. It only encourages him." Ha, ha. And then they tried to steal his chair and take it off the stage, but he arrived before they could finish. And of course people cheered when he walked onstage, much to the disgust of the rest of the panel!



Got to play photographer for Desi today... *wait for it*
Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillian.
Desi talked me into being in the pic with Paul.
*squees quietly*




And I saw COLONEL SHEPHARD~!  [Joe Flanigan!]  AND RODNEY!  YAAAAAAY!  [No one knew who they were in my group, though, so I got to fangirl on my own XDDD ]



One of the good questions was about first paid acting gigs. (For first paid gig, Joe leaned in close to his mic and asked, "As a hooker?") Paul played the lion from Wizard of Oz for a promotion -- in a full costume in hot weather. He fainted. Rachel was in commercial for which she was teased unmercifully by her classmates. Jason was dancing in a peanut costume on the street; once he realized no one could see his face, apparently he became the world's most awesome peanut with some totally badass moves. Joe was in a commercial with Cindy Crawford. (No one was impressed with his hard luck story.)



Tomorrow, I have one more panel at DragonCon before my duties are done. Of course, my con experience won't be truly wrapped up until I make another attempt to find Joe Flanigan (whom, according to a text from Caitlin, was spotted signing photos today--while I was away at Decatur).



Jason Momoa was freaking adorable too. c: His autograph is nothing but a huge J and M. XD Couldn't really talk to Momoa the same way we talked to McGillion, though. He had a longer line, and his handlers were selling tickets and trying to shoo people along. XD; We just walked right up to McGillion, paid, and got his autograph without really standing in a line and nobody scooted us away when we talked about some stuff.



I did manage to only slightly embarrass myself in front of Ben Browder, but it's all good. Let's just say he likes college football and Chic'fli'a. And leave it at that. Oh, and when standing in line for Jason Momoa, Joe Flaninga came up behind me, said "excuse me, sweetie," and slightly moved me out of the way when he went to say to the other Stargate actors. He was with Paul McGillion further down the row. OH, and I might have loudly said, "Don't touch my boobs" to some random people who were pointing at a shirt, with their arms straight out, right next to me, when he was walking by me another time, but I'm sure he didn't hear me. I mean, he sort of glanced my way, but I'm sure it was just a co-winky-dink. Right? *headdesk* After that I didn't really want to meet anymore stars. Apparently I'm an idiot in their presence.



Ooh, pretty pictures of autographs and actors! And lots of text too. And Videos.



The Stargate panel was fun. The actors are hilarious and joked around with each other the entire time. It was fun just to sit around and listen to them talk about the shows and whatnot. Paul McGillion is a trip and a half, just a ham. Joe Flannigan isn't far behind, and I think Colin Cunningham might be ahead. Paul MC'ed the SG Multiverse Charity Auction (which this year goes to benefit the GA chapter of the American Alzheimer's Association - they raised $13,500 at the auction alone) and Colin came by for a while. They're absolute hams, the both of them. I had a prime aisle seat about eight rows from the stage, so I could see it all. Paul started throwing in hugs and kisses with the bid items, including throwing in one from Colin when he showed up. It was great. Honestly, the auction wound up being more fun than most of the panels they showed. (DCTV is the con's inter-hotel channel where they broadcast and rebroadcast panels as well as various parodies and things they've made to fill in the gaps between airings. It's okay, but could use some technical savvy.)



Um. Yeah. It wasn't any of the ones with Rachel, Joe, or Jason. It was the one on Friday morning, which only featured Paul McGillion thanks to Joe Flanigan taking a left turn at Albuqueque (or otherwise missing his plane).



Yesterday I heard Paul McGillion give a talk and imitate Joe Flanigan. He was funny. Then I walked around and saw Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz, Gareth David-Lloyd (also saw his panel this morning and from a distance he looks like Orlando Bloom and don't ask him about kissing John), Ben Browder, Mary McDonnell, James Marsters, Kate Mulgrew, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Garret Wang, John Schneider, Lou Ferrigno.






Several videos at http://callygal1.livejournal.com/34128.html (go to bottom of post)


Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/YaboIksar channel at YouTube, so far,

Joe and Jason

Paul McGillion, parts 1 and 2

(also viewable at http://agent-almeida.livejournal.com/77135.html and http://agent-almeida.livejournal.com/77371.html


And more coming






A whole bunch!








Okay, NOT from DragonCon, but darned purty picture of the Flan


Ben Browder












yaboiksar: More videos from #dragoncon are coming. They just have to be broken up into 6 pieces per panel. 3 panels, you do the math. =) #stargate


yaboiksar: Paul McGillion panel part 2 is up: twurl.nl/h5erqk #stargate #dragoncon


yaboiksar: Paul McGillion panel part 2 is up: twurl.nl/h5erqk #stargate #dragoncon


 yaboiksar: Here's the big #dragoncon post about what I did and such. Pics to the autographs I got. #stargate twurl.nl/207vvb ·


yaboiksar: Completely forgot to mention that Rachel Luttrell said she will have a CD coming out soon. #stargate #dragoncon


skroberts: JOE FLANIGAN HUGGED ME, BITCHES!! #dragoncon


sorchamorrigan: twitpic.com/gx1kk - Colin Cunningham (AWESOME DUDE), Gary Jones (FUNNIER 'N HELL), Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell, Joe Flanigan,


pensive1: Just helped escort a lost Jason Momoa to the walk of fame room. Random con adventure is random


romeoindia: jason momoa claims to have sung it's raining men at karaoke last night.


Bluesolis: twitpic.com/gu20w Jason Momoa


puppywings: Jason Momoa & Cristine Rose (Heroes)- she thought he was the sweetest thing: twitpic.com/gmvsc (via @10zlaine)


rebellionbarbie: Best fangirl moment of D*C: Meeting Ben Browder. Zomg


dm_lunsford: home from Dragon*Con. Had a blast! Totally in love with Ben Browder now. Oh, the agony of acquiring a new fandom boyfriend. ; ) ·


Bluesolis: twitpic.com/gyvhn Ben Browder and Claudia Black


Bluesolis: twitpic.com/gyvas Ben Browder

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