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….Ah, Joe Flanigan’s WAREHOUSE 13 will repeat on SyFy on September 13th. I must admit, it’s the only episode worth watching for me. Every week, I keep trying but, nada. Now that DVR is resurrected, I’ll record the show, speed-search and if it doesn’t grab me, zap it.


….Watched a werewolf movie this morning starring Peter Stebbings, who was in an SG-1 episode, playing a character, Jared Martin (name of actor who did a lot of scifi stuff in the 70s) while Kevin Sorbo plays cheesy werewolf hunter.  Ooh, and Sorbo is playing cheesy stormhunter or something in LIGHTNIGN STRIKES on SyFy tonight.


…. Finished watching QUARANTINE (note: do not get attached to anyone on in this flick). It ended, then THE HAPPENING started up on cable. Wow, this must be end of the world day on TV.


….Formula for making disaster flick on SyFy. One lead actor you recognize. Put him in authority role (small town sheriff, etc. or some kind of scientist). Imminent peril is approaching the small town, but the idiotic mayor won’t hear anything about it cuz it will imperil investors who are visiting the festival (for pumpkins, squash, slugs, something). Kill some redshirts, have hero rescue the heroine (a scientist of some sort, usually) and all is well with the world. If it’s a decent disaster flick, it’s filmed in Toronto with nice Fall foliage, otherwise look for Bulgarian/Romanian woods ;) oops, and yeah, reduce the IQ of virtually all characters in said SyFy flick to that of a low-watt appliance bulb…


…. Realized that there is only one show right now that screams “watch me” and that the Canadian show DURHAM COUNTY, on ION TV, Monday nights at 10pm. First, it has Hugh Dillon, who is great in the CTV/CBS show FLASHPOINT (which will return back to CBS in the summer, so I hear, but season one will be out on DVD in the States next month). Anyway, it’s a dark and grim show, and season 2 is even darker, so I hear, but it’s done well. And it’s got Hugh Dillon. And for those fans who are curious about Stargate Universe actors, it’s got Justin Louis (who is now credited as Loius Ferreira on SGU) playing a decidedly not-so-nice-guy role.


…. Organized my desktop, as in removing a ton of shortcuts which were cluttering up the desktop. Put ‘em into WORD doc for easier access.


… Somehow, I think a ten pound cat is okay. A 400 pound python is, er, not. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/breakingnews/orl-bk-python-seized-apopka-091109,0,732521.story . Eek!!

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