wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

And now for something completely different - snakes!

Ah, and I forgot my weekend DID have some excitement (besides painting house, mowing lawn, doing dishes, and other mundane stuff). I found this snake in the patio window well. Alas, I know that a raccoon loves to poke around and get what he can from the trash and then comes to the patio, so this little guy could have been toast.

Anyway, I donned the glove only cuz I know snakes like to piss all over you to make you release them, and that way, I dont' have to scrub scrub that stench off. As you can see, snake was not pleased. And, I put the little guy in the old garden out back where he'll be safe and sound, so, no critters were harmed in this video.

If you don't like snakes, you can pass over the video to the next one under the cut, which has no snakes.

Video under cut as snake phobia didn't even cross my mind. Sorry!

So anyway, I'm calling that video "Snake Attack" purely cuz I've seen too many SyFy movies with wretched titles that really have nothing to do with the film. And next is the 'mystery warehouse' video that relative made. It reminds me of a bad SyFy movie. Now if only I could add music and merge in the snake, I'd have SyFy's next Saturday hit! *cough*

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