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Movie review "9" (yes, spoilers)

Okay, a rainy day and I went "I'm going!" cuz for one thing, they moved it into a nearby theater, no hiking up the highway...

It was a pretty good movie. Not great, but good. Didn't look at my watch once (the sure sign of a bad movie).

The animation was the biggest draw (har har, bad pun) I really knew little about the plot except what in the ads on TV, because I do my best to avoid spoilers for movies I'm shelling out cash for. In fact, I'm not too keen on spoilers much in general, even though I run a Stargate spoiler list (but I can oddly enough post spoilers without reading them - take off glases! ha!)

Overall, visually it was stunning, but the plot lacked a little, although a lot of the plot was just in the visual. The totalitarian government that basically helped destroy the world, sorta crossed with a 'War of the Worlds' type smart machines which eradicated all life (and I would assume, with poisonous gas, there went all the chipmunks too, but I'm *sure* the cockroaches survived, somewere.. And every time I saw #6 I'd keep thinking Auschwitz - a thought which popped into my mind immediately when I saw the ads.

The end is sort of wanting in a way... but it could be like Wall-E - life will spring back - although we have no idea how long the burlap beings can and will surive, or what can kill them as you can't really tell what keeps them alive.

I havent seen many flicks since Star Trek (and when it that coming out on DVD? I want it!). But I've been pleased with the "9" movies so far.

Fortunately the theater was pretty empty as everybody and their uncle were pouring into "Raining Meatballs" in the adjacent theater.
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