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New Joe Flanigan interview (GW)


Joe Flanigan interview


JF: Well, I did speak with somebody specifically at MGM about that and they said, "The SG-1 movies did well." And that SyFy wanted to be part of this and so what they tried to do is they did it with Caprica. And I think we sold something on the tune of 500,000 units and Caprica only sold 35,000 units. And MGM ...

GW: Really? Ark of Truth and Continuum totaled?

JF: I think so. MGM was reading that as a disastrous downturn in the DVD market. But I was telling them I don't think that's a good economic model at all. Because I don't think Caprica has any brand recognition like Stargate does. Nor do I think they have an existing fan base like Stargate does.

So, I urge them to reconsider that model because I don't think that's an accurate model of the DVD market. There may be a 15 to 20 percent drop in sales because of what's going on, but it's not going to be anywhere close to that. But that's the model they're looking at. So the way they see it, I think, is not good. Now, if the new show comes out and does well ... I don't know how that would affect the movies.


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