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SGA "Tao of Rodney" spoiler review



TAO… from Encarta….


1. ultimate reality: in Taoist philosophy, the ultimate reality in which all things are located or happen

2. universal energy: in Taoist philosophy, the universal energy that makes and maintains everything that exists

3. relationship between individual and universe: in Taoist philosophy, the order and wisdom of individual life, and the way that this harmonizes with the universe as a whole

[Mid-18th century. < Chinese dào "way, path, right way (of life), reason"]



This episode makes up for the lack of well, oomph, in “Return part 2” and last week’s “Irresponsible” (less said, the better).




I loved the ‘my sister left the lights on’ and ‘my brother burnt the house down’ discussion between Rodney and Zelenka! Ooh, poor Rodney has ‘my father never believed me’ issues, heh heh.


Snort, Rodney bet a month’s pay. He forgot how bad he is at betting and bluffing (“The Eye”). J You know, that green curly-que stuff going around Rodney was so appropriate for the holiday season, not that they meant it to be that.




Okay, noticed that Shep loves to keep his left hand in his pants pocket. This is the, er, well, I’ve seen him doit in several episodes. Rodney whines about invisibility and Shep is like “Gee, I’d turn into a bug.” (Yes, that’s his luck).


As they discuss Rodney’s zoning out with the cute scientist around.


Shep: Which one’s Episito?

Zelenka: Oh, the long, dark hair

Shep: Oh right, the one with the perfect little uh--

Rodney: Do you mind?! We’re trying to work here.

Shep: For the record, I was going to say ‘smile’

Rodney: Oh sure you were.


Ah, lunch. Someone asked elsewhere why Rodney was eating separately from the others. (I figure they arrived later or he arrived later or something like that).  Loved how Ronon said he thought Rodney looked heavier. And then Rodney discovers he can hear from a distance, and the notepad just sucks up to his hand. Ah, they have Evian water on Atlantis. Gee, don’t they have water there? Wouldn’t that be a waste of fuel or whatever on the Daedalus?? Nitpick, nitpick!! ;)


Okay, I like Zelenka and Weir scenes only because I like them together (not necessarily ‘shippishly’) but just the talk – they work well together.


Okay, Rodney saving the day with rescuing Lorne’s team. I just like watching Shep’s face as McKay explains how he saved the day. Just so priceless. Okay, the levitation came out of left field!  Blast, I’d love to have him in my house for one hour to move furniture around!!! ;)


Rodney: “I may actually be getting smarter, it’s hard to say because I was pretty smart to start with.”

Shep: “Does super-ego count as a power?”


And Rodney just stuffing his face. J Which gives everybody else time to actually talk, when you think about it….


Segue to Sheppard talking about ancients – “all the ones I’ve met were arrogant and condescending” and then wheedling into being next and then poor Zelenka tries to edge in. Ha1


And Mckay levitating away Beckett’s chocolate glazed donut. Talk about cruel!  ;)


Rodney: It’s not like you or these guys (marines) could stop me anyway.

Ronon: No, but I could.

Rodney: Oh, you care to put that to a test?

Ronon: Do you?

Rondey: (backing down), No, not really.


Just love that we get to see some Rodney and Ronon interaction, Batman and Ronon. “You keep eating like that you’ll be fatman.”


They handled the mind-reading stuff well as he tuned it out quickly due to too much chatter as otherwise we’d have to deal with people going “argh, he’s got such an ego!”  and then he reads Elizabeth’s mind “Oh god, I’m a dead man!” Just the look on everybody’s face was worth not hearing them speak. Shep can speak volumes with just facial expressions.


Ack, Zelenka fried by power surge!!! I figured as soon as Rodney came in he could do the laying-on-hands stuff and fix him up because of what Jack had done in that one SG1 episode with Bra’tac. After all, that was one nasty electrical burn and lord knows what got fried internally.


I liked how Elizabeth got to be the resident expert on ascension, which makes sense as he reads a lot more than the rest of them and studies. John had his bad experiences in “Epiphany” and obviously ignored a lot of what went on (which is what I sorta thought he did).


In rodney’s lab, next to his laptop they showed a yellow coffee cup and some pre-made food. The label was in Japanese(?) but I’d swear that was a lemon on the package (some say mangoes but they look more orangish). It’s around the 20 minute mark…


It was a good insight into Rodney’s belief system, which seems to boil down purely to science. Protons and electrons….


Meditation with John Sheppard 101. A gazillion candles, of course, and greeting card type mottos ;)  And skimming a magazine while offering advice while Rodney keeps ignoring it. I just can’t picture the two of them doing meditation successfully; just trying to visualize Teyla teaching them both and giving up in utter frustration…


Rodney’s apologies. I liked ‘em all because it was done so well, especially the part with Ronon, and getting rid of those scars on his back. And how Rodney looked around before he hugged Ronon patted him and looked rather like ‘ugh, a man hugging me, this is uncomfortable.’ ;)  It was interesting that Rodney wrote a book on Elizabeth (everything she did right) and I’d love to know if it made any sense as all his mathematical stuff was way, way beyond his own understanding J


Back to meditation 101 with John Sheppard. I loved John’s “I refuse to discuss that” when Rodney says he’d like John to do his eulogy. John’s way of not dealing with emotional stuff like that is to, well, ignore it or brush it off (and then let it just pile up inside himself I suppose).


Okay the ‘we love you’ getting totally misconstrued. Snort!


Okay, yes yes, the teamwork of his own team members pushing the gurney along. Nitpick again though. If you’re unconscious you can’t drap arm around person carrying you. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to live with that error in every show ;)  But the hug from Ronon was great, a way of saying ‘thanks’ for what Rodney did for his back and then Rodney’s “huh” look.


Poor poor Rodney. Couldn’t figure out all the work he did while a supergenius…


And is Elizabeth going to go check out chapter 10 about her ‘feelings’ about him after her snack with Rodney. And Shep still wants to have a go at the machine. He’ll turn into a giant fly. I can see it now….


OVERALL, a fun, fun episode with a good team feel (although I would loved to have seen more of Teyla in it). I liked ECHOES more but this one ranks up there with it.





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