wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

I've been a bad fan... and making brains

I should be reading fan fiction, but I fell behind, and then, just needed a break. So, I've been (hopefully) bookmarking all the whumpy Stargate Atlantis fan fiction, and instead, have been using the local library.

Well, first, I've been making brains. I have one all nice and gelled in the fridge. I thought it would be neat to have some props for Halloween. Last year I did the chewed up pumpkin and dead deer bones. This year, I think it will be brains and vulture. Alas, I'm too late to get rats. I need to see if I can put eyes in the brain. Hmm, I have year-old marshmallows I can probably use...

Let's see, first read the medical thriller PANDEMIC by Daniel Kalla, which I found in the $1 sale rack at the library. I just saw words like 'plague' so thought, ooh, up my alley. It was a fun book and then I found the followup book, Cold Plague, equally as entertaining, and it had the same characters. I then took a break to more of mystery involving supercolliders, Blasphemy by Douglas Preston. Then, by poking around Amazon (and local library) found Isolation Ward by Joshua Spanogle, about a weird type plague, and this week I found the follow-up medical thriller Flawless which I'm only way through but enjoying. I love that Amazon.com has "and customers have bought the following books" so I can find more medical thrillers! :)

Meanwhile, on the TV front... I still dislike that CBS pushed Big Bang Theory to the 9:30pm slot. I loved the earlier slot. And I think last week finally finished me off for CSI: Miami. I still like CSI: NY but this will sound weird, but Catherine on the original CSI sorta creeps me out. She looks like Michael Jackson. I mean, her face is sooo smooth it looks plastic. Botox and dermal abrasion gone wrong? It does not match her neck! Still watching NCIS, and on Thursdays... I'm usually interrupted so much I never watch much. Fridays I watch Ghost Whisperer, which I've gotten used to the weird five year jump in time between last season and this season! Plus the husband is dead but his soul is in another body but they use the same actor and well, oh well, it's TV. Jury's still out on Stargate Universe. Don't hate it, don't love it, in between. Been trying to write up a review but don't get time. Been watching Sanctuary and have no idea what's going on, but (ducking flames) am not disappointed Ashley's not there. Shall have to check out White Collar on USA Network. Caught it repeating on Sunday afternoon and thought hey, I need to watch this. And I also tape and watch Ugly Betty which is still amusing.

And that's about it. Oh, going to give Castle a try tonight...

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