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Brain, brain, more brain! Halloween 2009

Well, the weather forecast was possibly rain, which of course dampens the trick or treaters running around. We average around 20-30, which is what I think we got this year.

But anyway, here are the photos of the front porch and how I decked it out this year...

The front door, with big plastic ghost display on it., and a little skeleton (you can see his legs at the top).


Picked up this little fella at Walgreen's. Too cute to pass up.

Decked up some of the bushes with the green webbing, plus bugs from the Bag of Bugs I got at Walgreens. I love Haloween. You can go into a store and ask for rats and bugs and snakes and even eyeballs and no one gives you an odd look.

More webbing, which had more bugs and flies scattered on it. Hard to see in this shot.

The porch, with giant spider, and the "Chez Vulture" setup with pumpkin, neato vulture I got at SpiritHalloween store, deer bones from zombie bambi (just snatched 'em off the wood pile where they were sorta turning green) and the Jell-O brain with marshmallow eyes.

The menu for "Chez Vulture". Written up and stuck up about 45 minutes before the first batch of kids arrived.

A closer flash shot of the setup.

You know, the brain was sorta tasty. I had to trim the sides to fit in the eyeballs (made with one year old stale marshmallows, and sharpie markers). Got a whole bag of great looking flies, and of course, some snakes, like that stuff they squiggle on the plates on high-end food). First batch of kids actually scooped out some brain with a spoon!
Close-up of the brain and flies and eyes. Brain was el cheapo Walmart cherry JellO, skim milk poured in a brain mold. It actually tasted good. However, it's outside right now so I'll toss it in the morning unless some night critter comes in for a snack. It's still raining.

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

And lastly, the 50 year old skeleton, which is falling apart to the point I figured a Yoga position would hold it together better than in a chair. Zombi bambie's skull, from last year, is in the lap, and well, this is also what will happen to you if you watch too much reality TV. You've been warned.

And now, back to normalcy. Bummer. but I still have the brain mold so may bring that to the next convention and make some brains :)


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