wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Flashpoint returning to CBS

Okay, my condolecences to fans of CBS' Numb3rs show. It's being cut show, and cancelled, and according to one article, CBS will slot in Flashpoint in the Friday, 10:00 p.m. slot come February. Now, I suppose Sanctuary will be on then, but for me, it's a no-brainer. Flashpoint! Sanctuary will repeat at midnight so I can catch it then.

I'm a happy camper, well, come February, that is...

Meanwhile, had a nice 'Indian summer' day today, which meant I painted two outside doors so now at least they'll look decent through the winter. Ack, darn, ,should have done something on the cellar door. Oh, wait, maybe tomorrow. No, darn. have to work. *headdesk* Did get a lot of leaves raked and afterwards, immediately took shower, and there, spinning in the water - deer tick! - evil purveyor of Lyme Disease! Down the drain it went. Die die die....

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