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Will a potential actor's strike affect SGA?? Part 2

Another snippet on the strike from


Amid this uncertainty, there are also those who take the spoils. In Canada, the main beneficiary would seem to be B.C., which is enjoying a booming business, thanks in part to a separate actors' agreement, in force until the end of March. The province is currently hosting titles Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Trick or Treat.

"The year so far has been pretty good," acknowledges British Columbia Film executive director Richard Brownsey, though he would not attribute any extra business to labor problems elsewhere in Canada.

Counter, meanwhile, believes there is a direct cause and effect.

"Our production people who have contacted my office have expressed concern about the uncertainty in Toronto and Montreal," he says. "We have a safe harbor agreement with B.C., so they're more likely to go to B.C."

The Union of B.C. Performers, ACTRA's B.C. branch, has said it would support its ACTRA colleagues in the event of a strike by not participating on such productions, but Barrack doubts it. "I don't think the B.C. actors are going to back ACTRA on this one," he says. 

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