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Sex not Stargates Brings Fans to SG-1/Atlantis Expo (Joe Flanigan, etc.)

Sex not Stargates Brings Fans to SG-1/Atlantis Expo
Love in a Wormhole: SG-1/Atlantis Convention

Excerpt from this 11/12/2009 article, which has a nice picture of Joe Flanigan in it...

An audience of predominantly middle aged women gathered the weekend of Nov. 6-8 at the Los Angeles Marriott at LAX for Creation Entertainment’s Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Convention for a chance to melt at the sight of the Beatles of Stargate — hotties Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan, Ben Browder, and perhaps the Ringo of the group, Paul McGillion.

REST AT : http://www.hollywoodtoday.net/?p=11514

Hee, it was a fun article to read, and also shows that conventions are NOT just teenagers (I think that may be reserved for Twilight conventions).
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