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ACTRA strike, mindless purchases and gas

Checked the news. Looks like ACTRA may just strike on the first of the New Year. According to Variety at  http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117955958.html?categoryid=18&cs=1 , "More than 97% voted in favor of striking if the two sides, which have been locked in rancorous on-and-off talks since October, fail to reach an agreement before the current Independent Production Agreement expires Dec. 31." If this occurs, all production in the provinces except British Columbia will grind to a halt, and I wonder if the B.C. unions (which have a separate contract) would strike in sympathy?

Meanwhile, ended up making two impulsive purchases (fortunately before I drove by the gas station). I was at Walmart just shopping for necessities when I decided to wander through the DVD area, see what was coming out, etc. There, stuck in the corner, was INVADER ZIM, a cartoon about an alien mad scientist type that comes to Earth and masquerades as a school kid (he's small) while plotting his diabolical, er, plots. Very funny. Anyway, it was the entire series, and heck, it was $17! Last time I saw that list it was a lot higher. So I bought it. .... then, an email came from Borders. 40% off boxed DVD sets. I went to Borders, looking for a few sets. Of course, they didn' thave them, but they did have season 1 of X-Files and I do want to eventually get it all (tapes are getting old) so I got that for a lot less than any place else.

Then I drove by the gas station. $2.60 a gallon!?! I paid $2.39 just five days ago!!! ARGH!!! And I won't say anymore as I'm sure LJ's have language filters for bad, bad language, right?? 

I need to cave at some point and get a paid account, so I get more icons and fiddle with better layouts....
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