wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Hawk video, nature shots and my new pet jellyfish!

Ah, the amateur videographer is back, with a five second short of a really big hawk (red-tail?) sitting in tree, flying from one tree to another. I shot it with a zoom lens on the digital camera, hand-held, but since it's five seconds, you shouldn't need any Dramamine ;)

And below the cut, some more pictures, of frozen ponds and ... my brand new pet jellyfish!! :)

I loved the reflection of the trees (and the hawk in above video was in one of those trees.

Another reflection of trees on a half-frozen pond.

My new pet alien jellyfish!

And another shot, which proves my jellyfish is nothing more than a very big paperweight with a neat alien jellyfish thing inside ;) If I could have found two, they'd make great bookends as this sucker is solid glass and weighs a LOT. Fortunately since it's glass I can't kill it by not feeding it...

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