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Summing up 2006...

Just a rambling commentary on the best and worst of the holiday season...

BEST - Although I'm not a huge DR. WHO fan, I do quite adore the homicidal trash cans (otherwise known as "Daleks") - someone decorated a full-size one for Christmas at http://flickr.com/photos/elwynsattic/318331657/ - Very cool!

BEST - Dr. Dredd took a silly "Shoot the Sheep" BBC game (see post below) and turned it into a great story (see comments in post below for link).

WORST - That awful TV ad for BMW cars - this kid gets a present, starts screaming at the top of his lungs and pawing at the package, and continues screaming until they cut to another angle and he's pumping his arm up in the air yelling "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Geez, hate to see what would have happened if he hadn't gotten what he'd wanted. Dreadful ad. If it comes on, I change the channel or press mute immediately.

BEST - Tons of schmaltzy holiday movies. There are good ones, awful ones, but they're just fun to watch, and it's guaranteed that Teryl Rothery (Dr. Frasier from Stargate SG-1) will be in one of 'em.

Speaking of Daleks, a cute shot of a group of 'em - http://flickr.com/photos/elsie/5135279/ - waiting in queue for the bus. Daleks really are over the UK, aren't they? I don't think we have any phenomenon like that in the States....

WORST - Most of the drivers, many in high-end SUVs, Beemers, Audis, Lexus... studies (by whoever) say cellphones won't give you a brain tumor, but they sure lower the IQ down to the level of a high-watt appliance bulb. I never saw so many people today yakking on cellphones while driving (a fineable offense here), shooting red lights, not using signals, etc. etc.

BEST and WORST - I really thought that the Tom Cruise crud was the worst the entertainment industry had to offer us until Britany Spears decided to forget her panties, giving everybody a glimpse of parts of the anatomy best left covered. That was, until the Miss American - Donald Trump - Rosie O'Donnell debacle which proves the old adage that money can't buy class. The latter two folk definitely aren't poor but their manners are less than two brats squabbling in a sandbox. They're annoying yet perversely amusing, hence, the best and worst category.

BEST TV - Still enjoying STARGATE ATLANTIS (thanks to sources up north), and SG1 repeats all over the place so I sorta ignore it and get out the DVDs instead which have no ads. Much nicer. Although I'd been wary of the David Tenant version of DR WHO (having rather liked the Chris E version of last year), I do really liked the DR WHO series. Darn, now it's over for the season and Skiffy (aka Sci Fi) will be showing new series (whose ads just don't do a thing for me). SGA won't come back on the air until April? Argh..... Meanwhile, only new series I can think I enjoy is UGLY BETTY on ABC; it's a pleasant, fun show. Avoid all reality shows. NCIS, CSI, the guilty pleaure LAS VEGAS, still fun. 

WORST TV - I've avoided it. I think I have. Any reality show constitutes 'worst' in my book.  ;)

BEST SGA FANFIC - The one I keep re-reading... Kodiak Bear's It’s Always Autumn in the Old Trees of Despair - available at fanfiction.net or By http://kodiak-bear.livejournal.com/53379.html#cutid1 - there's a lot of great fanfic out there but this is one that really sticks in my head due to the hurt/comfort, angst, character development...

Well, running off to Walmart so will end here for now. Might do some more.
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