wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Owls, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis and idiotic drivers

A bunch of stuff... .christmas owls, Doctor Who singing, and other stuff ...

First, here's my new owl. Okay, he's a nice big Christmas ornament I got in an after-Xmas sale at Pier One. I don't even have a tree for it, but well, why not?

Meanwhile, here's a cool video (courtesy of @moryan on Twitter) of Doctor Who (David Tennant) singing a song I really like! ("I Would Walk 500 Miles") 

And here are the remains of some of my Stargate Atlantis action figures. Well, the plastic boxes. Now, should I save them? Or chuck 'em? I mean, I did cut out the UPC thing so I could get some Steve action figures to torment the gang with. Since the AFs are already unboxed, I guess their value has gone down... any ideas? Keep? Trash? (the plastic parts, that is)  And yes, of course I'm saving the backs and the doodads they came with :)

And this thing tailgated me for a while on the highway. A Hummer - on jacked-up tires! Talk about absurd and well, downright dangerous if they tip over. Sheesh.

Tags: action figures, photos, stargate atlantis
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