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Just a batch of winter-related pictures I took and figured I'd post. Under cut for size....

Critter tracks in snow, illuminated with teensy flashlight.

A half-frozen lake

You know, I really do NOT know. We drove by the building, saw it, and snapped a shot.

A winter sky.

I spied this snowman with a pine-tree skirt on my commute.

Just a winter road. It's a color shot, but basically came out black & white.

A bridge over a tiny brook.

Oooh, killer coyote? Nah, probably the fat Sheltie that was walking with me...


More night time critter tracks. (IDed as Bugs Bunny's relative)

This is what happens when you leave an unopened can of soda in the car - and temps dip LOW.

Heh, I liked what someone did with this dirty stop sign.


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