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What I did in 2009, well, reading-wise

Figured I’d post a year-end post of everything I did or didn’t do in 2009. But first, a bad joke:

Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar.
One says, “I’ve lost my electron.”
“Are you sure?”
The first replies, “Yes, I’m positive…”

The year was mostly taken up by family stuff, job, health, etc. In other words, nothing exciting…

Well, I actually did get something accomplished. Read some books! And this year, it was more fiction than non-fiction, although the stack of non-fiction awaits.

Android's Dream by John Scalzi
Blasphemy by Douglas Preston
Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child
Brimstone by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child
Children's Blizzard by David Laskin (non-fiction)
Cold Plague by Daniel Kalla
Contagious by Scott Sigler
Dance of Death by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child
Flawless by Joshua Spanogle
Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi
Head cases: stories of brain injury and its aftermath by Michael Paul Mason (non-fiction)
Infected by Scott Sigler
Isolation Ward by Joshua Spanogle
Last Colony by John Scalzi
Manic: A Memoir by Terri Cheney (non-fiction)
The Missing by Sarah Langan
Old Man's War by John Scalzi
Prey by Michael Crichton
Relentless by Dean Koontz
Strain/Book One of the Strain Trilogy by Guillermo Del Toro
Wheel of Darkness by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child
Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz
Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi
Blue Water by A. Manette Ansay
Survivor's Club: The secrets and science that could save your life by Ben Sherwood (non-fiction)

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues fanzines I have read…

Bitter Blood
But With My Eyes (novel)
Corridors #3
Original Nature
Original Nature #3
Patterns #1
Patterns #3
Persian Flaw, The (novel)
Purification (novel)
Reflections #2
Reflections #3
Reflections #4
Reflections #5
Release Tiger, Return to Mountain (short novel)
Splinters of Light #1
Splinters of Light #2
Splinters of Light #4
That Was Zen, This is Tao #1
That Was Zen, This is Tao #2
Third Eye, The (novel)
Tiger and the Dragon #1
Tiger and the Dragon #2
Tiger and the Dragon #3
Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues fanzines that remain to be read, one day…hopefully in 2010, before the owner goes “hey, where are my zines??” but oddly enough, they’re safer at my place than hers, where she will put them back into the attic, where mice could gnaw on them, but then again, the cat could barf on them in my room. Hmm, 50/50… but here’s the rest of one stack…

Bloody Marvelous
Bridging the Gap
Chinese Takeaway
Coming of Age #1
Coming of Age #4
Corridors #4
Corridors #5
Cry of the Wolf (novel)
Double Double
Going All the Way (adult – 3 KFTLC stories
Heart’s Desire  (novel)
Journey of the Mind
Journeys, Paths to Enlightenment #2
Journeys, Paths to Enlightenment #3
Patterns #2
Patterns #4
Patterns #5
Patterns #6
Patterns #7
Reaffirmation (novel)
Red Thread
Reflections #6
Reflections #7
Reflections #8
Shades of Green
Shared Memory, A (short story)
Silk Road (KFTLC/Silk Stalkings zine)
Speak No Evil
Ultimate Measure (novel)

Oh look, a stack of books still to read…

Ah, I have the top four! My latest project is to read through the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child 'Pendergast' series, and their other assorted books if they look of interest. Bought one (yikes, paperbacks are DAMN pricey but I was there, it was there, and impulse purchase) and now have "Terminal Freeze" but at least I don't have to return it to the library.

And here's PART of the shelf of various books....

And I guess I should chatter about TV in 2009.  Hmm, next post! Oh look, there's my Bailey's chocolates! Must not eat ... just yet...

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