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Cough, hack

Ugh, sick, so am staying home from work today. Not deathly sick but the miserable kind that will drive me to bed shortly cuz I was going to lie on couch and watch TV until I realized just how dreadful daytime TV is. How do people watch it all day? I mean, half the cable channels seem infested with infomercials (which, come to think of it, could put me to sleep as long as that dead guy who talks really loud isn't doing the infomercial... oh, Billy Mays... yup, still doing ads).

I could watch a DVD but the DVR died. well, it's stuck in an eternal loop. I went to divide a title and that's what did it in. Apparently this Panasonic DVR has a software hitch. I googled it. I was dismayed to find the word "hosed" in terms of fixing it, although some people have fixed it using a hex fix, something to do with zeros and such. Of course, it means wiping the hard drive, so... those Stargate Atlantis ads are toast (luckily I burned and finalized disks on those) but Human Target is gone, as is all of Stargate Universe, but oddly enough, no bummer there. It'll repeat and I haven't really watched them again. I think it's gonna take a while to get it fixed. I am so glad I have held onto my antiquated VCRs... but to watch DVDs... hmm, guess I'll have to see what's out there. Not buying Blu-ray player unless it plays all DVDs and can work with 15 year old tv...

Anyway, I had on the news to check the weather, even though I'm not going out (drenching rain and high winds, ugh), and had on CBS, which I turned off after they went to Perez Hilton for news. I mean, really... the guy's a leech on society, a gossip monger (gah, check out his twitter, yech!) and I really don't care about 'Brangelina' or their ilk. If they split or stay together, eh, it's their business.

So I went to NBC, caught weather and then a segment on Pet Peeves in the Office. Oh, gads, this was so on target. Annoying co-workers. People who steal your lunch from fridge. The people who mess up the microwave and never clean it. They forgot the people who hog the microwave. If you're microwaving, they stand there and go 'how long will you be?" like it's THEIR microwave. Then there are the people who leave food in the sink, and dirty dishes. but my pet peeves are more people who don't bother to tell you things you need to know to do your job (they think you absorb through osmosis or what?), the ones who come in late, leave early and no one seems to care (of course, these are the ones who make a ton of money, so they get exemptions? gah). Swear (I swear, I hear the "F" word more at this job than anywhere else, except the first episode of "Spartacus" ;) ).

Ah, to win lotto and leave the cubicle ratrace...
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