wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

New Year's Resolutions

Let's see....

Get a new PC (one that was made in THIS century, not the last one)
Get a photo editing package (Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro - the cheaper ones - not sure which yet)
Convert videotapes to DVD (which means making the darn DVD recorder obey me)
Get rid of the videotapes once done (I think world peace might be easier to obtain)
Read a bunch of the fanfic that has piled up on my PC
Kill Audrey, or at least some of her offspring (Audrey is the evil, nasty thorn bush that has taken over a whole patch in the yard - if you want to torture someone in fanfic, simply toss them into Audrey. OUCH!)
Clean basement
Clean garage
(Bwahahaha on those last two. Yeah, sure, when pigs fly).
Get a paid LJ account so I can have more icons to play with.

12/30 OH MY!
THANK YOU to whoever you are, anonymous, for gifting me with six months paid account and icons!!!!!!

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