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Kavan Smith on Night Visions marathon + Gary Chalk + Flashpoint tidbit

The Chiller channel (cable) is showing the tv series NIGHT VISIONS marathon right now. Stargate related folk…



Used Car
A doctor's wife gets a used car possessed by the spirit of its previous owner, a young lady who committed suicide in the car after finding she was pregnant.

--Jacqueline Samuda (Nirti, Stargate-SG1)



Reunion; Neighborhood Watch
A Gulf War veteran has combat flashbacks during a parade; a suburban community becomes tense when word arrives that a released child molester has moved there.

--Reunion – Aaron Pearl (“1969” Young General Hammond) and Kavan Smith (Lorne, SGA)



Bitter Harvest; My So-Called Life and Death
A boy trespasses on his neighbor's farm and causes an accident; an alienated teen on vacation with her family learns something important about herself.

--My So-Called Life and Death: Steve Bacic (SG1)



Hate Puppet
After accidentally bumping into a stranger and spilling his coffee on him, an innocent man becomes a target of hate by those around him.

--Ty Olsson. Okay, he didn’t do a Stargate but he was Sheriff Andy in EUREKA and an astronaut in DEFYING GRAVITY, which I gotta eventually get on DVD...




Gary Chalk (Colonel Chekov, SG-1) is in the upcoming “Behemoth” movie as listed on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1566486/fullcredits#cast. Also has Ty Olsson (Eureka), William B. Davies (X-Files), and Ed Quinn (Eureka). Sounds like something that will end up on SyFy…


And lastly, for FLASHPOINT fans…

Hugh Dillon (Ed in Flashpoint) is in the movie SURVEILLANCE, airing on the Chiller Channel.

After surviving a brutal rampage by a cold-blooded serial killer, a dirty cop, a drug addict and an eight-year-old girl all recount what they witnessed to a pair of Federal Officers who are attempting to hunt down the cruel murderer. He plays ‘Dad’, so don’t know size of role.


January 29th at 10:00pm

January 30th at 3:00 a.m.

February 3rd at 8:00pm

February 4th at 12:30am


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