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Beast of Bottomless Lake updates (David Nykl)

Update on The Beast of Bottomless Lake.

http://ogopogomovie.blogspot.com/ reports they had a screening earlier this month. Here's an excerpt:

Yesterday was the cast and crew screening of the film. Nearly 200 of us gathered together at Pacific Cinematheque.

Craig and I made a quick pair of announcements, welcoming everyone and thanking them for the gifts of time, talent, resources and effort that they provided, and then we retreated to the eighth row. (The eighth row is - possibly apochryphally - the place that cinemas are optimized for, and in theory that films are ‘tuned’ for... but that’s probably bulls**t.)

No doubt, this was the crowd that was destined to love the movie. And by all measures they did.

It was the first time I really got to watch the movie on the big screen –
the mix at Sharpe last month was cool, but disjointed. I was amazed at how much I missed on the small screen – little details. Micro reactions mostly. But almost as much as I watched the film (I know how it ends, so paying close attention wasn't a big deal) – I enjoyed watching the crowd. David Nykl was sitting down the row from me. He was chowing on his fingernails for the first ten minutes until he satisfied himself that he was actually doing a good job on screen.

Oh, if only I had lived in the area. I should would have gone, but hmm, wrong side of country!

Meanwhile, if you flick through http://www.flickr.com/photos/kennedygoodkey/, you can find some nice shots of David.

And oh yes, official BOBL site at http://www.provostpictures.com/
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