wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

The dog...

Last night, I had to get the dog in. At least I thought I had to. The back light was on so I went out and whistled. I took the big flashlight with me as that way I can find him in the backyard. So I whistle, call his name and hear something rustling around the trees to the side of the yard. I'm thinking 'what the heck is he doing over there?' so I go over there, shine the light around and then spy something way in back. I'm thinking, mutant giant ferret? No, wait, it's the fox! It just looks at me like 'meh' and goes over and starts digging up the yard. So I go back in the house and get shoes on (slippers just don't cut it in snow) and go back, spot him again only this time he's like "eegads, human!" and runs off.

This little guy roams around the patio while I'm at work, I'm told. Probably looking for food.
Tags: critters
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